These 3 Ancient Proven Rules Will Aid You In Building Remarkable Things


What comes to your mind when the word success is mentioned?

I guess money right. Most people think of success and only as having lots of money.

In our world today it’s difficult to talk about success without a portion of man’s mind not being occupied with the thoughts of money.

While money remain one of the most wanted object in the world, it’s important for us to know that money is not the only thing that can be used to measure success.

Success will always depend on an individual current objectives at a particular given time. There are different components of life in which success can be measured, like in relationships, spirituality, task, creativity etc.

Take for an example, me completing this writing and publishing this article, it shows a mark of a successful accomplishment, even by hitting the publish button on my blog I already got a respond telling me that “my post has been successfully published” this proves what i previously stated about success been measured in different ways. I could measure success as a writer by completing and publishing an article.

So when you look at it from that point of view, you will get the idea that success is not only measured in terms of money. This can also help you think objectively about creating success in different areas or your life.

Now, talking about living by rules, life is governed by rules. Right from the pages of history the world around us have tried to define boundaries for us, telling us what we should do and what we should not do.

Rules. Rules has greatly shaped our beliefs system, which has gone down to touching every aspects of our life, some of them have gone a long way to define our success in some areas of our life.

But some rules are like Gold mining, first you have to seek to find the spot, then you have to do the heavy work of digging and extracting (implement) to harvest the precious metals ( benefits)

Going by the teachings of great mind that has lived and are still living and also putting into consideration that human relationships is required for success, there are rules that when followed can lead anyone to his or desired success.

The teachers of the past have tried in different ways to state how important this rules are in dealing with our fellow men.

If you want to win big in today’s world here are some important rules to live by, this rules might seem simple and familiar but when you think deep about them you will see that it’s in then that life as a whole is wrapped up.

1. The Golden rule

The Golden Rules states “do onto others what you wish them to do for you if your position is reversed.”

Treat others how you will like to be treated.

This was one of the teachings of one of the most impactful teacher that has ever lived on plant earth “Christ”. Many great teachers of the past has also in there own ways thought about it, for example it’s in one of the core teachings buddha tries to pass down to his followers, it’s embodied in one word “karma” which simple mean your actions weather good or bad has a way of coming back to you.

This rule can be a building blocks in your business, family, friends and relationships, it’s our passport to a peaceful and united world.

Every human regardless of religion, culture or gender wants to be treated right, we all want that. As human we want to be loved and respected.

Imagine a world where this is the goal of everyone, to love and respect one another regardless of individual beliefs, race and religion. Won’t that be great, won’t that create more opportunities for us to learn from one another.

2. The Farmers rule

Plant during the winter what you wish to harvest in summer.

Farmers know the important of season. They understand nature to an extent, they know when nature is in a good mood to receive and grow seeds. They understand that any thing that requires growth needs time.

Farmers know that it’s not all about doing the actual act, but that doing it at the right time also matters.

My mum, being a petty farmer has helped me to understood this rule, I was asking her sometime ago, mum why do you stress yourself farming whenever it’s during farming season, at least you have grown ups who can provide for you the basic things you need, her reply locked in the important of this rule in my head. She said ‘if I don’t plant now how will I harvest the cassava that is used for making the fufu you guys eat when you come home’ it’s kind of funny right. She can always buy cassava in the town market right.

Yeah I told her the same thing too, but here I was faced an important lesson, she understands that if she want to reap tomorrow she has to plant today.

The farmers rule is saying if you want to have a good life tomorrow start working on it today.

If you want to have a company that is doing 6 to 7 figure tomorrow start building the company today.

If you want to attend a hight spiritually start doing the small small acts that leads to it.

If you want a strong lasting relationships tomorrow start today to plant the seeds of lasting relationships.

If you want to be more skillful tomorrow start learning the skills today.

If you want to be more informed about the world around you start reading the books.

One of the major challenge most of us have is that we try to ignore this principle, we will just wake up one day and want to harvest fruits that we did not plant.

If you start now to plant the kind of seed you want you will have something to harvest in the future.

3. The Focus rule

What you focus you attract.

This rule emphasize the power of concentration and commitment.

It explains that what you give your attention and commitment stands a chance of growing and expanding.

The truth is we have gotten to the stage we are currently in life by applying this rule in so many ways. If you observe closely you will see that most of the incredible things you have accomplished as human was as a result of concentrating and committing to a process.

That is how you earn a degree you focused on it and did whatever seem necessary to earn it.

At a time in your life your focus, even though unconsciously, was to walk and you achieve that.

One thing in your life you just want to write and now you can write.

The issues with us human is that some times we ignore some important principles that has help us to achieve great results and settle for something comfortable.

Focus is the key to achieving results.

The only way to becoming an entrepreneur is to focus on it. If you want good health focus on it. If you want lasting relationships Focus on it.

One thing about focus is that when you focus on any thing you will begin to see the right idea, the right circumstances or people coming together to aid you towards actualising that thing.

What you focus you attract and expand.

There you have it 3 rules that can help you and me achieve remarkable things.


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