Top 3 Skills That Will Make You More Valuable In The Market Place


Have you ever wondered why many graduates don’t get their dream jobs?

Among many reasons that hinder most people from getting their dream job is the lack of viable skills. These days company, business or organisations don’t care much about people with just regular kind of skills and theories.

Employers these days are much interested in people with skills, people that have the ability to get results in the kind of world we are living today.

You don’t have to blame employers about this, it’s not their fault, they are only acting based on market and operational demand.

What we should be concerned more about is our educational system, they don’t teach us some of the important skills we need to survive in the real world.

This is one of the reasons why some people spend years of their life learning a course to obtain a degree and at the end of the day, they will go practice something they don’t need a degree to practice.

The world is changing and most of our educational systems are not helping the matter.

But there’s always a way out, self-acquisition.

To stand a chance with the changing labour market and business world, you need skills. You don’t need resources beyond your reach to learn skills.

With the help of your smartphone and internet connection, you have access to all the materials and tools you need in the world to build or advance on any skills set.

Here are top 3 skills that you can start learning today, because they have the potential of making you more valuable in the labour market or as an entrepreneur.

1. Programming Skills

This has to do with writing and sorting of codes, for software, platform or App development.

The thing about these skills is that a lot of people shy away from it. One of the reasons why people shy away from these skills is because it involves numbers. Due to people’s dislike for calculation, they have been able to write this skill off.

Another reason why people shy away from learning programing skill is the idea that programming is for guys alone. But that is not true, programming can be learned by any gender.

Programming is something anyone call learn, it’s all about you following some certain rules (programming language) to place codes rightly and you are not the one to inventing the code or creating the alphanumeric needed for the whole thing.

Programming is one valuable skill that you can give attention to or at least learn the basics. The world today is hungry for platforms, software or App that can maximise production, minimise wastage, improve efficiency and create more fun, programming can position you for this opportunity.

2. Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing is one of the trending profession in the world today. Digital Marketers are responsible for getting product and services to where people are, using digital means.

Today, almost the entire world is connected with the help of internet, companies and businesses are moving their operations to online.

Businesses and organisations now provide products and services through digital means. Digital marketers are the one responsible for running the operation of companies and businesses online. They use all available resources to make sure products and services get to their intended market.

Digital marketing is one valuable skill to learn, the potential and possibilities it proves are endless. The good thing is that, it’s something that anyone can learn.

Almost everybody is signed up to some of the popular social media platforms, part of digital marketing is about knowing some tools that are available in social media and use them to sell yourself, products or services to the market.

It also include getting to know how the world wide web (WWW.) works and how to use it most especially in reaching people, understanding email, etc. are part of the things to learn in digital marketing.

3. Writing Skills

Writing is one skill that has served humanity through ages, it’s part of the building blocks of civilisation.

Without Writers we won’t be knowledgeable about so many things, Writers has preserved civilisation and at the same time expanded the knowledge bank of the world.

Writing skill is one valuable and scalable skill to learn in our today world. We are all writers anyway, if you can combine alphabet into meaningful words you are a writer.

But when I mean writing skill or writer, I don’t mean the regular kind of writing. What I really mean is the kind of writing that is written with intention, writings that have ideas, opinion and solutions behind its words, writing that stimulate thoughts. That is the kind of Writing that is in much need in to our world today.

Having writing skill will make you more valuable and also help you sale out your ideas, you can sale it in a post, books or in other forms of content. You can work independently (freelance) or work for an organisation as a content creator or copywriter, etc. These are few out of many opportunities that exist for you as a writer.

Writing skill is learnable, I can tell you that because I have gone through the stage where I think I can’t become a writer to actually writing. Although, my writing skills are still work in progress, but I’m improving, so you can also.

Ok, that is it.

But remember you don’t need a degree to learn any of these skills, all you need is to use the tools that are already available to you to start learning. And if you can master any of this skills you will see how valuable you will become in the labour market, or as an entrepreneur.


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