What Is The Difference Between Content Creator And Content Writer?

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Have you ever thought of the difference between a content creator and a content writer? A friend asked this question so I decided to write an article about it to explain the two terms.

In this article we will look at:

  • The meaning of content.
  • The difference between content creator and content writer.
  • Content creator and content writer from the traditional and the digital publishing points of view.

What is content?

According to Wikipedia:

“In publishing, art, and communication, content is the information and experiences that are directed towards an end-user or audience. Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of the various arts”. – Wikipedia

Content is something that is expressed in form of writing, speech, or any of various arts, this also includes visual and audio. These expressions are aimed at informing and educating the receiver.

The difference between content creator and content writer

The term content creator can be seen as a person who uses various medium(speech, drama, illustrations, writing…) to create various forms (written, graphics, audio, visual…) of content. It can be seen as a person who moulds something that is to be expressed into a form of content.

On the other hand, content writer could be seen as someone who specialises in creating content in written form.

A content creator might not be a content writer if he or she doesn’t use the medium of writing to produce content. But, a person who writes contents can also be called content creator when discussing production of content in any level.

Content creator and content writer from traditional and digital publishing point of view

Content creator and content writer in traditional publishing

In traditional publishing, (the kind of publishing that uses platforms such as television, magazines, radio, etc.,) the two terms can be used to describe someone who is involved in producing content.

A person who is involved in creating various forms of content on different platforms on traditional publishing, like television, magazines, radio, billboards… can be called a content creator.

Going by the way traditional publishing works, the process of creating content for most traditional platforms involves scripting or working with sales copy, these may warrant a content creator to write script or sales copy, which also can make the person a content writer.

Actually, in traditional publishing, script and sales copy are always delegated to content writers ( known as script or copy writers) while the content creator focuses on moulding the script or the copy to the final content form.

Examples of content creators in the traditional publishing are presenters, OAPs, sound managers, video editors etc.

Examples of content writers in traditional publishing are script writers, copywriters, etc.

Content creators and content writers in digital publishing

A content creator in digital publishing creates contents in various format and in various digital platforms. They create videos on YouTube, pictures on Instagram, posts on facebook, article on website, etc

However, the content writer specifically creates contents that are in written format, contents such as, sales copy, script, blog article, facebook post, tweets, etc.

In digital publishing, someone can be a content creator, but not a content writer. A youtuber, podcaster or an instagramer, can create YouTube videos, podcasts, images, which is what makes a person a content creator, without writing scripts, sales copies, posts, articles, etc., which is what makes someone a content writer.

That is it, I hope this article helps you to understand the difference between content creator and content writer.

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