Why I Chose Self Education Over Formal Education (my story)


It was towards the ending of 2015 that i completed my OND (Ordinary National Degree) in marketing.

Advancing to HND (Higer National Degree) wasn’t possible until the next 2 years, why? because I failed a course, the system requires that I come back the next year to rewrite the course and come back a year later for HND, it was a compulsory 2 years IT for me.

Then, I wasn’t sure I will wait for two years and still come back to get a degree, neither do I have a better plan for my life.

While jobless and sleeping in my sister’s couch in early 2016, I had opportunity to read a book from cover to cover, it was the first time In my adulthood that I have read a high volume book from cover to cover, but the interesting thing is that I enjoyed it.

I have read over 44 text books during my two years course in marketing, I never read any of the text book from cover to cover, why? because I never enjoyed any of them except my psychology text book, I only read them because I want something to give to the lectures for them to give me grades, I never read those text books because i was hungry for knowledge, I read then because I want to pass exams, and for that i missed potential knowledge.

Every semester, reading through the night before exams was daunting, it was always as if someone has a gun pointing to my head, and forcing me to read. My reading strategy them was what I call “cover it all strategy” trying possible best to cover course outline, although sometimes I use “Areas of concentration strategy” (some people use “predictions strategy” predicting where the lecturer will pick questions from and focusing on those areas.)

I read through out my school days with a resistant mind, a mind that feels forced against its will, I never wanted to read some of those books, I know the system wanted me to have ideas about many things out there, but the truth is I never cared to know about all those things. I read with fears most times, fears of having low grades or failing.

I chose self education because it allows me to study the things I love to study, this makes my learning process enjoyable.

From 2016 till date, I have always chosen the part of acquiring knowledge without rules, self education. With self education, I have enjoyed every process of acquiring knowledge in the past 3 years and the hunger is still there.

The reason we don’t get more from formal education, is that the system forces us to do some things we wish not to do.

Facts have proven that fear and resentment restrict the mind from manifesting its full potentials. If there’s any state you want to operate to be productive spiritually and physically it’s from the state of love and the can’t wait to get start mood. A state where you enjoy doing something and you want to just get started on it.

Self education allows you to learn with love for knowledge and enjoy the happiness of finding truths. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”


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