12 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

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There are two major reasons why you need to start a blog in this digital age, first, because its very easy and cheap to start a blog these days, unlike few years ago, you don’t need to deal with any sort of coding or programming to own a blog, secondly because starting a blog has lots of positive benefits, this benefits are what I’m goung to share with you on this Article.

Before I share some of the benefits I can think of, that you can gain from starting a blog and blogging, let me share with you a story of my blogging journey.

In 2017, I bumped into one of this get rich quick blogging post, after reading it, and coupled with my previous knowledge about blogging, I got so inspired that I quickly started my blog (this blog). But I was disappointed, all the promises about becoming a millionaire within few months of blogging, never happened, I got frustrated and abandoned my blog for almost year.

But i regretted doing that, I did that because money was the only benefit I had in mind when I decided to start my blog in 2017, I never knew about some of these other benefits I’m about to share with you.

Blogging have made positive impact in my life, it’s one project I’m so grateful that I started in my life.

Let me quickly share with you 12 benefits of starting your own blog. I will tried to explain the benefits mentioned here in brief and as simple as I can, I hope you get the tips.

1. Personal branding

Blog can help you establish yourself as an expert.

When you start blogging about a particular topic, you can establish yourself as an expert on that topic, people will start seeing you as a thought leader, and a go to person on any issues regarding your topic.

2. Bussines or company branding

If you own a business or plan to start a business, blogging is one strategy you should incorporate in your strategies.

When bussines or company is mentioned, people tend to think of it in a large scale form, while it’s viable for big businesses and large companies to own a blog, it’s also viable for a small business or a start up to own a blog.

As owner of a business or company, you can use blog to educate, inform and entertain your customers and prospective customers, generate leads, which might lead to sales in the long run.

3 Increase employment opportunities

Blogging can increase your chances of landing your dream job.

If you are an administrator, and you blog about management’s and public relationships, it will be easier for you to convince your interviewers that you know and have what it takes to carry out your duty as an administrator when employed.

4. Improve your writing and communication skills

This is one area starting a blog have had great impact on me.

I never thought becoming a writer will be possible for me, because my grammar, structure and spelling sucks. Before 2017, I have always wished to become a writer, when I read a post online, I wish I could be the writer, when I go into a book store I wish I could find a book with my name as the author, those wishes are becoming real, thanks to blog that has made available the opportunity to write, make mistakes and improve my writings.

Blogging can help you improve your writing skills, as you write articles for your blog on regular bases you will see your writings improve within a short period of time.

5. Self development/self improvement

Like in the case of getting better with writing, blogging will push you to improve many aspects of your life.

In the process of runing your blog and researching for blog post, you will likely get exposed to more information, more ideas, more skills, all of this will add up to make you more informed and skilled.

Blogging will help you develop positive disciplines which on a long run will making you a better person.

6. You can make some money

This is one top motivating factor for most people, while it’s not an easy and lazy way to becoming rich, blogging has money making opportunities.

If you have established yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you might attract speaking opportunities, people can pay you to speak in conference or seminars.

You can earn money on your blog by ads placement, either personally or by an ad network, this is more viable when you have grown to your traffic to a reasonable number on daily basis.

Another way to earn money through blogging is to package your knowledge in a form of book or course and sell it to your audience, these are few among many ways you can earn money through blog.

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7. Medium to express yourself

Your blog can be a channel for you to express yourself. It provides you the opportunity to share your thoughts ideas and opinion on any issues, without being restricted by rules in the case of other social platforms.

While it’s wise to abide to online publishing guidelines, you are the rule setter on your blog, you can express yourself on your blog in an unapologetic way.

8. Build disciplines

Blogging helps you to develop discipline that can change your life for good.

Blogging have made me an addict reader, and that is changing my life. As a blogger i always want to update my knowledge, that is how I can share useful and insightful content to my audience.

That act of always trying to know, that descpline of studying or writing useful content when you can be watching Netflix or your favourite show, is something that is rare, and you know, when you have scarce attributes like that, you can set your price in the market place.

9. Become a creator

Blog gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a God like manner, like being a creator.

Imagine right now you decided to start a blog, out of common things, you creating a platform, with content that will be informing, revealing or educating lives, that is one easiest way to exercise your ability as a God like being.

10. Become more creative

I never knew I could be this creative, to be able to go to my past, uncover experiences, reconstruct it in the presence and project it to the future in a positive way.

Blogging will ignite and expand the creativity in you, through the process of writing and developing your blog.

11. Build good relationships

Blogging can help you build good relationships, starting from people whom wants more clarity about a topic, to people who want to collaborate with you on a project, down to people who want you to work for them because you have proven to be competent.

12. Contribute to the world

Blogging gives you the opportunity to contribute to the world.

We are in an information age, an age where every information you need is available by just a click of button.

The world has never been this informed and generous before.

The things is all this information that exist out there didn’t just fall from the sky, someone put them there. Blogging gives all of us the opportunity to contribute to the ever expanding knowledge and information bank of the world, by sharing our knowledge, ideas and experience.

Starting a blog has a lot of benefits, there are more to gain in the process than you can imagine, I suggest you give it a strong thought if you haven’t started your blog yet.

What do you think, are you starting your blog soon? Share on the comments section.

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