Top 3 Skills That Will Make You More Valuable In The Market Place

Have you ever wondered why many graduates don’t get their dream jobs? Among many reasons that hinder most people from getting their dream job is the lack of viable skills. These days company, business or organisations don’t care much about people with just regular kind of skills and theories. Employers these days are much interested […]

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What Is The Difference Between Content Creator And Content Writer?

Have you ever thought of the difference between a content creator and a content writer? A friend asked this question so I decided to write an article about it to explain the two terms. In this article we will look at: The meaning of content. The difference between content creator and content writer. Content creator […]

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Digital revolution

Digital Revolutions, Digital Marketing And Opportunities

If the Digital world around  fascinate you, then taking time to evaluate where we are coming from might help you anticipate the speed and direction of our digital world, which can help you to be better prepared. How did we get here? The digital experiences we are enjoying today didn’t just pop out under twinkling […]

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