5 Ways Online Marketing Has Proven To Be More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

There are two major Digital marketing channels, online Digital marketing channel, which can also be called internet and off-line Digital marketing channels, which can also be called traditional marketing. Channel here used, represent means through which digital marketing activities are implemented. I will be using the terms online marketing and traditional marketing in my quest […]

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Why I Chose Self Education Over Formal Education (my story)

It was towards the ending of 2015 that i completed my OND (Ordinary National Degree) in marketing. Advancing to HND (Higer National Degree) wasn’t possible until the next 2 years, why? because I failed a course, the system requires that I come back the next year to rewrite the course and come back a year […]

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3 Skills That Will Make You More Valuable In The Market Place

Among many reasons that hinder most people from getting their dream job is the lack of viable skills. These days company, business or organisations don’t care much about people who only boost of regular kind of skills and theories. Employers these days, are much interested in people with demanding skills, people that have the ability […]

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