Top 3 Skills That Will Make You More Valuable In The Market Place

Have you ever wondered why many graduates don’t get their dream jobs? Among many reasons that hinder most people from getting their dream job is the lack of viable skills. These days company, business or organisations don’t care much about people with just regular kind of skills and theories. Employers these days are much interested […]

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Digital marketer

4 Essential Skills You Need To Start Online Marketing Career

One of the things I have come to realize about life is that most of the things we humans do in life are┬áskills. From our ability to move our hands, talk, walk, sing or even market online, they are all skills One other discovery that has given me the privilege of becoming more, like more […]

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4 Things That Are More Valuable Than Money To An Entrepreneur

I’m not saying money is not valuable. In the list of resources needed to lead a life on earth, I recognize the position of money, it’s ranking high up there. You need money to pay the bills. It’s impossible to survive on this planet without money. Some people will say, I’m not doing it for […]

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