Here Are Few Reasons I Try Not To Judge People

When we activate our Amygdala, that part of our brain that is responsible for judging, the chief judge of our mental faculty, we become blind to facts.

We forgot that this other person doesn’t have the kind of experiences we have had. We forgot that most people weren’t brought up by lovely mum, dad, brother, sister, guidance etc.. We forgot that most people didn’t attend the sort of school we attended. We forgot that most people aren’t eating the kind of food that we are eating, the kind needed for the development of the brain, which can make someone think well, so to act well. We even forgot that these people are trying to lead their own life.

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personal development

3 Areas To Start On Self Development Journey

Have you ever wondered what personal development is all about. Personal development is about consciously developing oneself to a better state in life, it’s about always creating a better version of oneself, it’s about becoming a better person than you where yesterday. Personal development is something you do consciously, without the consciousness in the process, […]

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What You Can Learn From A Painter On Finding a Fulfilled Life.

Sometimes I’m scared, I’m scared of messing things up. I really don’t want to fail in anything, I don’t even want to make mistakes in anything. I want to make the right decisions in relationships, in choosing a life partner, in building a business, in investing and so on, i want a fulfilled life. I’m […]

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