How To Build More Self-Confidence

And He asked, “uncle do you know I can jump this thing” Should I jump it? Ok, jump let me see. There he goes, he jumped the barricade.

That is a six years old boy believing in his ability to do something and actually doing it, that is a practical sense of self-confidence and how it helps us to accomplish things.

Here is another instance, I was confident that I can write this post, then I wrote it.

Someone might ask, why don’t you have the confidence that you can jump from the last floor of a three storey building and then jump? Well, the thing is, self-confidence respect natural laws, it doesn’t support ignorance either, in fact, ignorance is one of the major reasons for lack of confidence.

In every circumstance in life you face, you will either be confidence or scared. Whichever state out of the two you are when facing any circumstances will determine the outcome of that circumstances.

Although, sometimes been scared or lack of confidence is what we need to save our lives, but it’s certain that most times we need to be confident to face the challenges life throw at us.

The question is how do we build more self-confidence?

By knowing.

Knowledge is the primary key to building confidence.

Here is what I mean, If that little boy did not know about his ability to jump over that little barricade, he will not dare look me in the face and tell me that he can jump it.

Self-confidence builds on our knowledge about things around us and more importantly our knowledge about our self, our ability.

Self-confidence builds on our knowledge about things around us and more importantly our knowledge about our self, our ability. Click To Tweet

If we have the knowledge that for thousands of years that man has recorded history, good things and bad times has happened, and yet people still lived, if we know this we may not have to be scared of the future by thinking that the world is coming to an end, we may actually have confidence that the world is coming to a peaceful state for us all to live in.

If we know what it takes to run a  business, to make it successful, if we understand that sometimes our idea might not work out, even after trying and invest in it for several years, if we understand that it might take years for our business to build to become profitable, if we understand all this we might be confident to keep putting in the efforts even when the outcome is not clear, we might still have confident to start another business when the first one has failed.

If we have the knowledge about the functionality of our body, the power of our mind, the ability of our brains, the capacity of memory, the flexibility of our muscles, the sensitivity of our sensory organs, if we understand our potentials we might be able to have confidence that we have the ability to overcome any challenges.

Lack of knowledge leads to being fearful, giving people power over us, always saying yes when the response should be No, believing we can’t do something when we haven’t even try, which is the opposite of self-confidence.

To be more confident in our self, we have to know more than we know. To know more than we know, we have to ask the right questions.

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Asking the right questions sometimes requires courage, because sometimes you will come across questions which almost everyone is shying away from, when you are courageous enough to ask those sort of questions, you will definitely get answers which add to your knowledge.

And when you know what it’s and what can be, then that confidence will build, you then become fearless to face today, tomorrow and the day after.

If we keep on learning, one day we might ask our self, what can’t I do? and the answer will be absolutely nothing. But then this quote from wise men before us will guild us. “We can do anything, but we can’t do everything”.

I hope I take my own advice to learn and be self-confident.

5 Valuable Lessons To Learn From The Movie “3 Idiots”

3 idiots
3 idiots
Farhan, Rancho and Raju

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -Anonymous

One way to go about life is to keep trying things until you find what works.

Fulfilment is what we are seeking for in life, not just money. We chase money so that we can buy experiences or possession which we hope will bring us fulfillment.

But i have come to realise that some of the things that bring fulfilment to our life aren’t bought with money, they are the free gift of nature, they are things we freely have that we don’t need to pay for, like family and friendship, these things we enjoy free of charge, are source of fulfilment in life.

Music, books, posts and movies can also point to us to the path of finding fulfilment in life. Just like the movie “3 idiot” did for me.

The Movie “3 idiot” changed my life, it was one movie that inspired me find my passion in life.

The first time I saw the movie was years ago, around 2013, the movie released date was on 23 December 2009. I re-watched it in 2015 when I was in school, I watched it again recently, this time I was inspired by the lessons it’s trying to pass across, so I decided to write about it.

Here are some valuable lessons you can take away from the movie “3 idiot”

A. Don’t be afraid to challenge any convention that is not empowering you.

Most of our parents want us to live by their rules and beliefs. But trust me, most (if not all) of them did not follow the rules or beliefs of their own father.

My dad didn’t follow the footsteps of his father. According to my dad, my grandfather, whom died years before I was born, was a pagan. If he had followed the rules or beliefs of his father, I probably might be somewhere shouting “long live Amadioha” :).

I don’t mean disrespect here, our parents deserve some respect and attention, but once we are 18, we deserve to find our own calling, our passion and also follow our instincts. We need to find a way to let them know that just as they have lead their lives, we are also entitled to learn and lead our own life.

Their duty is to teach us what they need to and guild us to an extent and our own duty is to find, explore and lead our life.

B. Study to be accomplished not to be affluent

I applied for Business Administration back in 2013, but I was offered Marketing. I didn’t question it, as a matter of fact, I was very happy. I have had stories of people who have tried for years to get into school but couldn’t.

After dropping out school for many years, I was excited to get back to school, and more importantly, I’m going to be called a graduate and I will obtain a diploma.

This is just the problem “to get Diploma or Certificate”, and the lies we have been told “go to school, get a degree and get a job” the thing is the strategy “go to school, get a degree, so you can get a good job” doesn’t work anymore, everything has changed and is still changing.

But, scarcity of job is not the only problem we have with the “go to school strategy” the mentality we wear to school is also a big problem.

If certificate is removed from the merits list of 4 years in college, most people won’t even near the school gate. Because most of us don’t even have passion for the course we are studying.

Most people’s goal is just the certificate, they will just cram, write and pass the exam, then forget everything after two days (if not one hour) after the exams. It’s like this mostly because the system didn’t make it look important.

One of problem is, we just want to be known as someone who went to school, instead of being known as someone who is informed.

C. Don’t chase success, chase excellence

Success can not be universally described, a state of success for you can be a state of failure for some other person.

Success in the nature of how most people sees it is always on the run, the more you chase it the faster it runs, it can be an endless race for most people, and since you can’t win the race you can’t feel successful

There are people who are doing something different regards to success, some people have redefined success and are celebrating every minute because of the little things they are accomplishing each day, for me, it’s like celebrating the completion of this post.

The best way to meet up with success is to always try your best to be the best you can be. 1% improvement every day is enough.

D. Friends are men greatest bosom

Good friends are like a pillar that will support you when the bricks of your life have all falling apart. If you find one, you have obtained favour from God. Click To Tweet

They support you, not really with money or praises, but other supporting equipments.

I’m kind of feeling like a scam right now by talking about what good friends are all about. Because I have friends that I haven’t check on for awhile. But the most important thing is that they still hold their spot in my heart.

Good friends are like a pillar that will support you when the bricks of your life have all fallen apart. If you find one, you have obtained favour from God.

E. Fear is one of man greatest obstacles

Fear, the jailer of destiny, he who overcomes it has become a free man.

Right now, I’m scared of how people will react to this post, what if they criticize it or what if they don’t like it. Always “what if” I wonder how many people this kind of thought have hindered from living their dreams.

If we can overcome that part of our brain that keeps looking for reasons why things won’t work, we might create something meaningful with our lives. Seth Godin calls that part of the brain “the lizard” it’s always good at seeing why it can’t be done, even when everything is showing us green.

Rancho said to the other 2 idiots, “do you know why I’m doing well with my studies? do you know why I’m at the top of the class?
“The 2 idiots said no. He told them “because I’m doing what I love, I’m following my passion.”

He said to one of the idiots, photography is what you love doing, get out of here and go chase your passions, stop wasting your time in the engineering department at Imperial College.

The other idiots thought he has gotten a point to floor Rancho, “ok telling me” he spoke out “I love engineering why are my not doing well?”

“Let me see your hand” Rancho requested, five fingers, but 6 to 8 rings, probably one for good luck, one for exam success, one to score As, who knows what others are for. “How can you live today when you are scared of tomorrow?” Rancho asked.

Fear, the jailer of destiny, he who overcomes it is a free man. Click To Tweet

It’s impossible to succeed when you are living in fear, even when what you are doing is your passion.

At the end they listened to Rancho, 1 idiot followed his dreams, the other idiot let go of his fears.

Where they all successful? I don’t know. Where they happy or fulfilled? the movie was a story told from the point of them living their dream life, so I think they are happy and fulfilled, which is what matters most.

Follow your passion, do what you love, study to learn, improve 1% every day, make good friends and let go of fears and see where all these things will take you in the next 10 years, I’m on the challenge too. 

Please, take a second and share these lessons with friends.

Here Are 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 18.


Before now I thought life is a fate, whatever comes your way JUST live with it. I thought it’s not in my control to shape how my tomorrow will look like. All based on the popular saying, nobody knows tomorrow.

No doubt, most people still think so. We think we don’t have control over our tomorrow, that the life we are living today has already been designed by God, so we can’t do anything about it than just live it the way it plays down for us. But I believe there is more to that, God or whatever you identify with – has done His part by making us in his own image, meaning we are part of the universe.

If He is omnipotent, it also means we have that omnipotent ability, we have the ability to do all things, because we have thinking mind.

The Mind, the source of everything that has been created and that will be created. Very powerful tool.

If we understand how our mind works we might be able to maximize it and make the best out of our self on this our earthly pilgrimage.

I don’t know much about everyone, but what I know is that everyone has great potentials.

Ok. Is like I’m deviating, this post was supposed to be what I wish knew when I was 18, not a philosophy post right? I actually didn’t know how best to start it, so I started with the thoughts in my mind.

But let get to it. Here are things I wish I knew when I was 18, I have known them I would have made better decisions.

I wish I knew that…

You don’t have to please everybody

Do you know that most people out there don’t care about you? We are all selfish being. Out of the 7 billion people living on this planet earth, it’s rare to find someone who is really selfless, selfless like Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and some others, people who gave up gains for others, it’s rare.

So, we all have templates of an endless needs which we wish to satisfy, regardless of what you have had about someone saying about changing the world, he or she also has a need that he or she is trying to fulfil. The thing is anyone you see out there including me is expecting you to act according to a certain way in other to meet there needs.

Imagine trying to meet the endless needs of everyone you meet.

The thing is, you can’t please everybody even your own parent, husband, Boss, Children… understanding this will help us in two major ways, 1) to stop outsourcing our happiness 2) to cut down our expectations from people.

Perfect is pure fiction

We are living in an imperfect world, even the world itself is undergoing changes every second, there is no perfect state in the world, expecting to be perfect in the world where everything is imperfect is like a suicide mission.

The key to living in an imperfect world is to always start as bad as you can and see how better you can become.

Try to be better, not perfect.

Perfection is an enemy to progress.

Perfection is an enemy to progress. Click To Tweet

You don’t need to compete.

We are all living a different version of life, different experience, different upbringing, with a different inherited gene from a parent, different chromosomes and even different physical appearance.

No one can beat me in my own “game of life”, you can’t beat anyone in his or her game of life.

Competing with anyone is a waste of time and energy. The best person to compete with is yourself,  compete with your yesterday, the question should always be how can I be better than I was yesterday?

Every day I read about 10 pages of books, 2 to 10 articles on writing, blogging, digital marketing, Self-improvement, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, and more, the goal is to be better than my yesterday in terms of knowledge. Is there any improvement in my life? I don’t know, but it’s better than competing with someone who is busy leading his or her own life.

You don’t need to go to College to learn.

I think the best way to determine if most people really want College education is to get rid of the certificate that is offered at the finishing of a program in higher institutions, trust me if that is done most people won’t even add going to College in there to do list, Why? because most people are there for the certificate.

If most us will understand that we can learn anything we want from anywhere in the world, we might really rethink our education plan, we might just hold onto our primary and secondary education or stop complaining of not being opportune to go to College.

The thing is, if we are not opportune to go to college or university, that doesn’t mean we should not be educated. There is a vast database of knowledge on the internet, every information we need can be accessed by a click of a button, most of this information is created by people who have had first-hand experience, not people with a bunch of theories. The internet can be our college or university, where we can learn with sincerity, with purpose and with pleasure.

No self-esteem, no self-confidence, then forget about living your dreams.

Self- esteem is the belief you have about yourself, the belief you have that you can do all things, it’s the belief you have that you have a powerful tool residing in you in the form of a “mind”, that you have great potential that lies within you.

On the other hand,

Self-confidence is the belief you have that you can do something, like the belief you have about yourself that you can become a writer, that you can get yourself into a good shape, that you can speak to a large audience standing on your toes.

If we lack these two things our life will be frustrating.

You can’t grow more than your knowledge.

At 18 or 25, I will try to look into the future, I will ask how will all these big dreams come to pass. To be honest, I wasn’t seeing any possibilities even though I seem to be positive about everything, or maybe it’s that positivity that is leading me towards the direction I’m facing right now.

But the thing is, being positive is not enough, we live by what we know, what we don’t know becomes our limitations. Our lack is based on what we don’t know. There are ways to finding happiness, building a better relationship, building a thriving business, improving in writing, become a good cook, inventing new technology and many other things. If we are lacking in any of this areas, it simply means we haven’t gotten the right knowledge.

The knowledge is out there, for the fact that someone is already living the kind of life we dream to live simply shows that it’s achievable, we just need to find the way to it, we just need to keep searching, keep finding, keep learning and keep practising.

That is how we grow.

Always give thanks.

Gratitude is everything.

Sometimes I’m worried why haven’t I achieved my dreams, why does it seem like everybody is ahead of me, then I forgot that one of my buddies that we used to hustle together about 8 years ago in one of the main markets in Lagos has died, I also forgot that one of my classmate back in 2015, when I was doing a marketing program in a polytechnic, has died also.

But here I am still breathing, with great families around, great friends and with a burning desire and commitment to being the best version of myself.

Here is a tip on how to practice gratitude, every day think out one or two things you are grateful for, there are many of them, but just focus on two and then see how happy, energized and confidence you will be, especially towards your goals.

I didn’t know all these things at 18 or 25, but I believe it’s not too late to know about then now that I’m 26. The most important thing in life is to find the truth, the truth is one of the prices we have to pay for freedom. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

What truth have you found out later in life that has interested you? Please share in the comments section. Also, share this post with friends, they might love to read it.

6 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

6 habits of highly effective people

6 habits of highly effective people

No, this is not a review of Stephen Covey book “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” I’m yet to read the book, but it’s on my top list of books to read.

I wanted to title this post “6 Habits of Highly Successful People” but I was concerned because of how people understand success.

Success is very ( I will use the word technical, that is the word I can remember right now) to discuss this is because of the way people perceive it, I always try to avoid writing about it.

But I’m rethinking, if I don’t write or talk about it how are my going to learn more about it? How are my going to stop judging myself wrongly?

When you hear the word success, what comes to your mind first?

Money, right.

Yeah, that is the technicality I was talking about. When you talk about success the first place people look at is your bank account, they observe if it’s reflecting on you positively, If they are not convinced by what they see, they will be like, don’t mind that guy he has nothing to show.

But to measure success correctly, money is just one of the things of life that we can measure success on. There many other things we can measure success on.

For example, on completion of this post, I have just recorded a success, success in one part of my life. And it made me happy, which is very important. Because happiness is one thing everyone is seeking for.

The truth is, we record success every day but we don’t measure it, we don’t celebrate it and we don’t activate that part of our brain that release endorphin that makes us feel better and more confidence to do more.


Because we are looking at the big picture “a million dollar”, another truth is not everyone will make a million dollar and more importantly you don’t need a million dollar to be happy.

How we define success affects and determines our happiness in a great way.

Don’t get me wrong, money is very important. In fact, someone stated it more clearly how important money is, he said ” money is not everything but it’s ranked up there with oxygen” I believe we all need money, for me, I need it to buy myself freedom.

But then, we should not neglect to measure our little daily, weekly, monthly, yearly success.

Here are 6 Habits I try to live by every day as I strive to improve myself, I’m still working on some of them, and they have shown to be effective especially in my writing life.

1. Reading

Reading is one way to learn what we don’t know.

One thing I have found out is that we are all living based on our knowledge about life. I like to blame government, parents, family and so forth, for not living my dream life. The truth is our life is lived based on what we know. We live by what we know, what we don’t know becomes our limitations.

We live by what we know, what we don't know becomes our limitations. Click To Tweet

If we know more about love we will love more, if we know more about writing we will write great posts, books, likewise peace, relationships, finances and so on.

And one easiest way to know is by reading.

People have taken time to write about there experience, what worked and what didn’t work, what they learnt and how they did things. The challenge for us is in developing the habit to read these experiences and knowledge, sort out the best options and apply them where necessary.

We came into this world with a sacrosanct mind, whatever we are going to become in any dealings will largely depend on the knowledge and information we will gather from the people who have gone before us or people who are more knowledgeable than we are.

When I finish reading a good book, I feel wiser – I feel like a vampire, I feel like I have just sucked the wisdom of the writer. If it’s a book about writing, I learn one or two things to improve my writings, If it’s a finance book, I could tell why I’m not yet financially free.

Reading has helped me improve my writing, my knowledge and philosophy about life, I hope it helps me become financially free.

2. Commitment

Nothing is easy.

If it’s easy everybody will be doing it, and everybody will be successful.

But because you understand that it’s not easy, but you keep showing up, that is what will help you make it the top, someday.

One thing is to show up today and another thing is to show up tomorrow.

But just like in a marathon, at the end it’s only those who keep going no matter how slow, reaches the finish line or more appropriately the success line.

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3. Learning

One discovery that can change your life, is to discover that learning is a lifelong process. This discovery is changing my life.

Many people feel learning ends with a degree or PhD or whatever. They consciously stop learning after college. Also, many people feel because they are not opportune to go to college they can’t learn.

The school of life never stops teaching us. Life principles are interpreted in every of our daily interaction and dealings with life, we just need to be consciously ready to observe and learn.

If we try to see what the child playing with an object is trying to teach us, what the tree of the forest is trying to teach us, what that incident is trying to teach us and so forth. If we keep an open mind to learning, we will be amazed by the things we will learn every day.

4. Keep notes of Idea.

Trusting the memory can be risky.

The memory already has a lot of work to do, it needs to recall how we brush our teeth, our plan for the day, our way home, the name of that pretty girl you just meant. Trusting it with important ideas can be risky. So the best thing to is to jot it down.

keeping notes of important idea, thoughts, opinion and information can be very useful. Someday, those ideas, thoughts, opinions, information can be mixed up (idea sex as James Althucher will call it) to form one great idea, which can turn out to become one great company, post, book, solution etc.

Ideas can flash through the conscious mind any time, any day and if they are not captured as fast they pass by, that idea can be lost forever.

Have a note and pen or a note app on your  mobile devices to capture ideas, thoughts and pieces of information as you go through the day

5. Sharing

I like the way my mentor Jim Rohm explained sharing “A glass that is full, can it contain more? Yes, if you pour out from it”

The more you share ideas the more you have more, the more you help people, the more you are helped. I can’t really explain this, may it’s the law of attraction ” likes attract likes” or the law of causation “for every effect there is a cause”

This is another problem, it doesn’t have to be money.

Share your ideas, your opinions, your experience, your knowledge it can help someone out there sort through with life.

6. Respect time

Two things about time.

First, a wasted time is a lost time. A time that is meant for writing, if it’s used to flirt, it’s a lost time.

Secondly, anything in life that has the attribute of growth takes time to grow.

You plant in raining days and reap in the sunny days, you plant today and reap tomorrow. You don’t plant today and reap today.

While we can’t beat nature in its process of operation, we just need to learn how to adopt.

And the way to adopt is to understand the laws that governor our surroundings.

If we want something tomorrow we just have to start working on it today.

What habit(s) has helped you get most out of life? Please share in the comment section. Also, share with your friends, they might love to read this.

5 Things You Can Learn From Kids.

happy kid

I wish I can be born an again. No, not the one you are thinking o, I mean go back in time to become a child, I feel I can learn many things.

Or maybe I really don’t have to, I should just try to learn few things from kids around me.

When my little niece and nephew do stupid things, being high tempered I always want to hit them, scorn them or get angry with them. I always feel they should know what to do, how to do and when to do things.

But then remembering my little early days, I can vividly remember how stubborn I was. Even though I pretend not to remember, my mum, my siblings have on several occasions spoken about it. To the extent, my sisters do say their stubborn kids look like me, they believe the stubborn once took after me.

So, sometimes when I remember that I was once like them, that I even did worst things, I restrain my action.

But sometimes I can’t help it, I hit, shout and scold them.

But being honest, we are too mean to kids, even as an adult we make mistakes but we always justify our mistakes. Kids don’t get that privilege when they do something wrong, they are just wrong, they don’t have reasons to do things wrong. I know there are reasons for that sort of action, like being mean but that debate will be for some other day.

Today, let’s look at some great things we can learn from kids

1. Curiosity

Kids are so curious, they will ask you some couple of questions when you think they are done, they have another ten more to ask.

My little nephew will start with something like “uncle, sebi God is up?” and I will say yes, and he will ask again “and devil live in the ground?” yes, and he still has one more to ask “how can someone live in the ground?”… And I am like, stop disturbing me.

But that is a serious question. Even me, I really don’t believe in the thought that something like the devil is living below my foot or God living up somewhere. I believe they are everywhere, in our mind, thoughts, actions, when we focus on good or positive we are focusing on God, but we focus on bad or negative things we are doing the things of the devil… my opinion actually.

But, I don’t want to pass my opinion to the kid, at least not now. It might contradict what he already know, I can’t tell how he will handle it especially when I won’t always be around him to explain some other questions that might pop out as he encounters life… So I simply pretend he is disturbing me.

But, looking at his curiosity.

They are not scared or ashamed to ask questions. And most of the time they get answers.

If we can be as curious as kids, always trying to know more, asking relevant questions. We will find solutions to most of our problems.

I just wish to be more curious about life, as kids.

2. Excitement

They are always excited.

They don’t care what you are doing, they just want to play.

What a way to live life, just play and play.

Adults, including me, are too serious with life. Bills, rents and so many other things to take care of. But believe me, that is not the problem, attitude is.

When we get the money to take care of our needs, we don’t stop search or go have fun, rather we start looking for the money to chase our wants, and you know wants are limitless.

Kids, they don’t think of all those things, somewhere within them they know they will be fine. All they always think of is play and have fun.

But, it’s not about bills or whatever, they will always be there until we pass out. it’s about building excitement in our daily activities.

One research shows that an average kid laughs 300 times day and an adult 5 times.

What a margin.

Sometimes I try to beat that margin by laughing un-occasionally, but I am always conscious, I don’t want to find myself in the nearest psychiatry hospital with my legs and hands bounded with chains just because I was laughing all alone along the street.

3. Forgiveness

I love the way kids preach forgiveness.

Observe any two kids quarrelling, they will be angry, they will say pretty bad stuff to each other, they will even decide not to play with each other. But, that is not true, it’s just for a while. If you try to side anyone, you might end up being the bad person, because it’s just a matter of few minutes they are back as a playmate. What a way to live life.

What can we learn from this incredible virtue of kids?

It’s normal to get angry, why not? We are human. But the danger is letting the anger linger.

The best way to treat offences from someone is to talk it out with the person, or just pretend it never happened, anything more than that is an injury to yourself.

When you are angry with someone who offended you, and probably he or she did not know about the offence, and after the day you keep thinking about the whole thing, which keeps fueling the anger and you start thinking about payback, which keeps prolonging your anger. It’s possible that at that same moment the culprit is somewhere enjoying his or her life in a cool spot in the city. That is like a double loss for you.

The best way to treat life is to treat it like a child, get angry, say awful things and let it go.

I hope I follow my own advice.

4. Faith

They can be so faithful, no wonder the Bible admonished us to be like them to enter God’s kingdom.

Pick a kid, throw him or her up, watch his or her face, you will observe him or her smiling or laughing. He or she is not even scared of breaking his or her head, hand, leg or teeth. He or she trust Uncle or Aunty, “Uncle or Aunty will catch me” that is their belief.

What if we have that sort of faith in our self, how tremendous it will be for us to believe in our ability to do all things.

Imagine the mountain we will move.

5. Trust

Just tell a kid, when I’m coming back I will buy you a Lamborghini, just watch him run to his or her friends or mum or dad to spread the news. They don’t border analysing if you can or if you really mean it.

They don’t have trust issues.

Adults are too skeptical, we want to see evidence, even with evidence we don’t feel like trusting fully.

Our excuse is always that people have taken advantage of our trust several times, so we don’t want that to happen again.

Trust is one of the things that makes us human. It’s good to evaluate before trusting, I know people try to take advantage once they find one, but holding back in most cases always hinder our progress.

For example in a relationship when you withhold the trust, you hinder the corporation that you would have given to him or her to make things work out fine.

Also, many times our instinct is telling us to do something because we have trust issues, we ignore it and most times those things are capable of changing our life.

If we can’t trust people and we can’t trust ourself, how then are we going to live happily and maximize our potential?

I have to answer that question.

Kids can teach us many things if we pay attention to the way they live life.

I think I will keep, shouting, hitting, scolding my little nieces and nephews, I don’t want them to keep doing things wrong and probably think it’s the right way, but many times I will allow them to be so that I will observe them and learn.

Please kindly share in the comments the lessons you have learnt from kids as a Dad, Mum, Uncle or Aunty.