Thursday, January 17, 2019

Personal Development

These 3 Habits Are Transforming My Life

One of my newest discovery in life is that Personal development is vital to achieving success in anything in life. “If you want to change the world go home and love yourself” I think it was mother Theresa who stated that brilliant Idea. I will love to borrow from her, if you want to do something […]

birthday gift

5 Life Changing Lessons I Learned From 27 Years Experience In Life

Ages come with gifts from life, gift in form of wisdom, knowledge, experiences and lesions. When I was younger I wanted to be older, I always feel I was missing a lot. There are things I wished to do then but I couldn’t do them. But now, I have grown to an extent where I […]

Thought Pill

3 Positive Life Codes To Live By For A Peaceful And United World

A lot of things are happen in the world we live in, different people with different beliefs, different ideology and different perception about life. Ask a man somewhere in Asia what he thinks about death, he will tell you something like ‘his spirit ascending into a spiritual realm where it can be purified before beginning […]

Thought Pill: Focusing on Growth

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that you can achieve those big goals on the list, those big goals that will look amazing if it’s smashed. But then, when you look around you all you will find instead of ways to smash the goals are the reasons why it can’t be done. Then we lose hope. […]