What to do When Everybody is Out Pacing You to the Top

climbing to the top

I was watching an interview some time ago; the interviewer was interviewing a road safety officer. The young interviewer asked the road safety officer what she thought is the reason why people over speed. The officer said she can’t really tell but all she can say is that people over speed due to ignorant.

She gave an example, she said if you aim to reach a destination on120km/h, the time difference is just a little bit if you go by 100km/h. She said the time difference is so little for someone to risk his or her life with that extra speed of 20km/h. She said something again that resonate with me, she said whether it’s 80km/h or 120km/h both will reach their destination, but it’s better to reach safe and sound than to go halfway early in pain and pieces probably due to crash.

What a wisdom. When we look front and observe probably some of our age group in front towards the destination we are heading to, they might already have been doing and living what we wish for. We may be discouraged. But the thing is It doesn’t really matter how faster everyone is going, what matter most is that you are moving, you are doing what the clock is doing, ticking.

Don’t give your energy to distraction, focus your energy in the process, and do as little as you can do. It’s doesn’t really matter how speed everyone is going if we are all heading to the top and some are on 120km/h and you on 100km/h we will all get there but only with a time difference.
Many might get there before you but in this our journey, in this journey of life what will count at the end is who got there, not really who got there first or last.

There’s no need of judging yourself or comparing yourself with other people, here is what happens when you try to compare yourself with people. You ignore your own ability probably your ability to move slowly and steady, you channel your energy to unproductive issues like worrying why you are not moving as fast as others, you fail to appreciate the progress you have made because you are busy measuring other peoples progress.

Instead of comparing, here is what to do celebrate with those have gotten to the destination you are aiming at, learn what you can learn from their experience, from their success. Congratulate and appreciate yourself, look around you enjoy the process, don’t delay your joy till when you get to the top, enjoy every process to the top. Take a break if you need any, how quick you reach doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you reach your destination safe and sound.
Remember, whether it’s 80km/h or 120km/h we will reach our destination.

The idea is don’t let your speedometer stop reading.