Doing Your Best.

Many times doing your best is all you need to do. Not really doing extraordinary, or doing perfection, or killing you. It will be cool anyway if we do extraordinary. But when we can’t do extraordinary, doing all we can do, doing the best we can do is an option.
Doing your best in the reconciliation process.
Doing your best in your new resolutions.
Doing your best in your relationships.
Doing your best at work.
Doing your best in your personal development.
Doing your best in your Academics.
Best is saleable. The best are always recognized regardless of political, economic, religion and ethnic background. The people who are doing their best are always the ones who get the chance to be recognized or rewarded. Though it might take time, but the pay is worth it. The pay is worth it, not just about the reward but more about what it will make of you. The satisfaction, the confidence and the knowledge it will build round you.
Aim to be the best. The best are always recognized.