blog terms

44 Most Common Website or Blog Terms You Should Know As A Blogger.

When you get into in a new field like blogging, one of the first challenges you might face is getting familiar with some terms associated with that new field. Like any field out there, there are words or phrase that convey a certain meaning when it comes to website or blog, which might have a […]

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What You should Know About Domain Name, Choosing and Registering One.

If you have ever thought of having your own webpage or blog running on the internet, then this is for you. I believe that even though there are many bloggers out there are, there is also a great number of people who want to become a blogger or establish their businessĀ or company online. For these […]

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Hosting factors

Things To Consider When Choosing A Hosting Company.

Hosting companies are responsible for the provision of platform, space (which is called hosting) for your site or blog to be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world with the help of internet connection. They offers features like web space, bandwidth, Email services and more other features. In what ever situation it may be, whether […]

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