Why You Should Read Books

Read books

Read books

What if I say to you that Bill Gates wants to advice you on that new technology company you are trying to start up, what if I say to you that Warren Buffett or Robert kiyosaki wants to give you some tips on how to invest in stock market, how will you feel if i say to you that Dangote wants to share with you his secret of how he became the richest man in Africa or I say to you Amancio Ortega founder Zara clothing company wants to share with you the secret of how he recently became the richest man in the world.

For those who seek Spiritual and psychological advancement how about i tell you that the likes of Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Socrates and others, want to share there wisdom, knowledge and ideas with you so that you can find more meaning to life, how will you tend to that invitation.

I know you will grab the opportunity and make most use of it, human always want the best for themselves.

Well, good news all of the above offers are available but under one conditions, you have to hit the library or book shop.

Solutions, opinions and ideas has been provided by these great men but all are hidden under the cover of books.

Reading can save your life just as it’s saving my, someone once said the the most secured place to hid a treasure from man is inside a book because 99/100 will not go near it.

Many are willing to read to pass a test but unwilling to read to provide solutions in the practical world, what could have caused it? Why do we lack the zeal to read when most of the solution to our problems are contain in most books? Why do we read before a test and forget everything few minute after the test?… Well, I feel the system is the course (society or education), we have been imposed to read undesirable material, we have been conditioned to always read what doesn’t interest us, that’s why we feel so relieved after a series of tests to the extend of deciding not to set eyes on books (I once took that decision, but am glad I don’t go through with it) and We probably don’t practice the course we spent 4 to 6 years of our life studying in school.

Most solutions that man seek outside can be solved by man himself, if he can open a book and read the wisdom of other human before or of his generation.

Contents in books are suggestions but at the same time they can open your mind to more things you know not, and trigger your thinking faculty which helps you to produce more ideas and open your memory to more knowledge.

Take an inventory most things you know now are things you read from either a book, magazine or newspaper. This is the reason why someone who is literate (able to read) is seen to be smarter and wiser than an illiterate (unable to read) because someone who can read has the opportunity to learn more and still learn in the environment where vocal sound don’t exist, but many don’t make the most use of this ability.

Many will say, but I read posts, update almost every day… that is good, that is actually the source of most of your knowledge. But you can’t replace organized ideas, knowledge and opinions in books with impulse written notes, or rumours posted in social media.

The best way to develop the habit of reading is by reading things that interest you. Read books that contains solution or ideas to or related to your real problem in life.

Remember the saying.. Readers are Leaders. This saying is as truth as you simply understand it.