What to Learn From The Candy Crush Game.

I use to love playing games, I used to have all sorts of games in my phone, games like PES, candy crush, temple run and I was also trying to learn chess because I discovered that my girl friend loves chess, so I thought if I could learn it someday we will play it together. But about a year ago I stopped, I stopped playing games, I started seen then as a waste of time. I became too serious about myself, just because I want to improve myself. But I have found out that life is all about how you see things, everything is all about perception. Where people see waste of time, you can actually see ideas, lessons and opportunities.

Two weeks ago I saw a movie JUMANJI, the movie changed the way I now see games not just games also movies. I now want to play more games not because I want to waste my time, but because I believe it can help me understand how life really is.

Life is a game.

Life is just like candy crush, or any sort of game you can think of.

The rules are always the same, study the game, develop a strategy, make the right move, win the current level and advance to the next level.

You always start the candy crush game from level one which is very much easy level. But then that’s where you learn the rules of the game that is where you learn the requirements of the game, even though it’s easy we might likely fail because we have not properly learn the rules.

Such is life, the only way to win the game of life is to learn the rules, develop a strategy and make the right move, and the truth is in many occasions we will fail, because we have not yet mastered the game. Sometimes we will almost exhaust our lifeline, just like in some games. But in the game of life we only have one lifeline, and the sad thing is that we are not getting out of this game of life with our life.

But we can always do what the game masters want us to do, that is to pass successfully from stages to stages until we exhaust our lifeline. And how to do this is to learn the rules of the game we are into.

There are rules to becoming what we want to be that we cannot neglect, no matter how anyone tries to tell you that you should not worry about them. There are rules to moving to the top in every human Endeavour.

There are rules to becoming a better writer.

A better singer

A better artist

A better actor

A better president

A better farmer

There are rules to becoming a better designer.

And much other things in life.

And one thing about all these rules is that, just like in any game when you learn the rules you can design or develop your own strategy, and make your own move in your own way. And when you do that in candy crush you always win and you always advance in stages, even though sometimes it’s will be very difficult.

Don’t try to play safe in the game of life remember we will not get out of it alive.