The Cheese Will Always be Moved

We always don’t want our cheeses to be moved, once we discover a cheese station we love to stay forever in it.

We always want it to remain filled.

We always want our salary every month.

We always want the sales to always flow.

We always want everything we have that has in some extent proven beneficiary to us to stay forever.

But it does not always turn out to be so.

The cheeses will always get moved.

Many time we kind of feel too comfortable, many time the cheeses get moved little by little, but because we are to relaxed and comfortable we don’t observe. And by that we don’t get to notice the moving and by the time we get to notice, it’s too late.

The thing is, the best way to live in the world where cheeses are constantly been moved from stations to stations is to be prepared and be observant.

To expect the moving of the cheeses, to monitor the move and probably trace it to its new station or go look for another cheeses station.

The MOVE in the context is CHANGE, it’s a universal law don’t fight it.

The CHEESE in the context is your livelihood; always find a way to ADOPT.

Improving One Degree A day Is Enough.



When we discover that there are some areas in our life that needs a change. We wish to automatically transform those areas. And in many cases, if not in every case it doesn’t work that way.

The universe is governed by laws. And laws are processes. It takes how old you are to get to where you are now. So it’s unreasonable to think we can transform any part of us in just a seconds by merely wishing or wanting.

Even though it’s spiritual you need to go through process, maybe through faith or believe or whatever. it’s also the same in other things you need to change. You need to go through processes.

It will generate a good feelings if our life will automatically turn around to the direction we want and wished it to face. It is actually possible. But not on the automatic aspect of the turning around.

Here is what is reasonable. Little change everyday. If it requires a 360 degree of change to make a full change in our life, if we change 1 degree a day calculation proves that within a year we have changed one aspect of our life that needs a change.

Here is what is possible for us. Being human gives us the ability to make any form of change in our life. Even though we fear change, we are equip to adopt to changes. Unlike other lower animals which operate by instinct and genetic code. They move east, west, north and south when there instinct tells them that the weather is saying they should move.

If we appreciate change, and change one 1 degree everyday to the direction of a new skill, habit, beliefs, philosophy or whatever. In one year we would have made about 360 degree of change in some important areas of our life. Those changes can give us an edge in the chase of the fulfillment we crave for in life.