Sometimes It’s Right To Say No or Say Yes.

I can’t think of a better title to give to this article than the one it already has. I know the title is complicated, because it contain two important words in decision making and other aspects of life, No and Yes.

Even some schools of thought, in their own perception and understanding translate the words into  different words like Negative and Positive, to simplify the understanding of these two words in there own philosophy teaching.

Many has also written extensively, given reasons and ideas why using either of the word constantly will help improve life, some with reasonable proves to backup there reasons.

Whatever it’s, these two words are must use in decision making.

But the questions is, which should we make as a lifestyle? Which should we use? and which should we not use?

Yeah, It’s cool to associate with positivity, it’s good to always say Yes, so many things require our YES, our future, dreams, appointment, offers, a pitch, change and more, but whatever case it maybe Yes has to be said when it’s right, right for the individual.

Also, It’s actually right not just right but wise to say No, when No is required. Someone once said.. “the word No, guards time, time the thread from which we weave our creations”. Human are naturally opportunist, many will come with offer, request and demand which really requires you to say No.

NO, not because you don’t care or you don’t want to help out or because it’s not important to you, but because your time is precious and requires value to exchange for it.

NO, because there are lots of creations you need to weave and you will be needing the time they are lobbying to take away from you.

NO, because many will always want to take the advantage of your yes’s.

Whatever it’s, some situations requires a big NO.

But Not a cowardice NO, not a No based on lack of courage or whatever to face your responsibilities, not a No based on the fear to face the unknown, without you facing the unknown you will never be known.. every man need to work with or in faith many times in his life.

But No to anything that doesn’t in anyway contribute to your plans, mission, vision and purpose of existence.

It’s obvious many things will influence your ability to say YES and NO at a given time, things like your emotion, beliefs, environment and others, these also show that circumstances will always determine the usage of the two words.

But whatever case it maybe, put yourself and your purpose first, you know yourself better, you know what you want, if the Yes’s doesn’t add value in anyway, if it doesn’t help you to help someone, if it doesn’t help you pay back for a good deeds by someone, if it doesn’t push you in the positive direction, say a big NO.

Long Term Benefit of Decisions, Thoughts and Actions.

Benefit of thought

Benefit of thought

The major purpose of any investment is the long term benefit of its output or reward. Investments are done today, so to earn tomorrow (in practical world we all know how long it takes for it to mature)

Farmers also operate on this principle (if it could be called principle) they plant their seeds in the winter and wait long till summer to harvest.

I have come to understanding that many are unwilling to act upon things they know won’t grant them immediate gratification or reward(I’m a case study of this) we always want to engage in things that pays off instantly, that is why Ponzi schemes and get rich quick material will always sell out.

Before now, i have always wanted to engage in things that will reward my actions, knowledge and skills if not instantly at least not too long.

Am not against the fact that there are opportunities and ideas that can give us immediate reward or that we should engage in unproductive activities for the sake of long term benefit.

But my intention here is to draw attention to the fact that “the tomorrow we were talking about yesterday is today” what brought us to the place we are this day is the compilation of our thoughts and actions of our previous years, months, weeks and days. I wish I knew this long ago.

Majority of people are impatient.

We always want to receive value but not willing to give.

We are unwilling to wait for our ideas to mature so to yield us abundant fruit, by even that we fail to act upon the ideas we have conceived because the rewards are not obvious (probably in the short-term).

My opinion here might not serve everyone, for some has already learnt the lesson of planting and reaping from farmers. While some, their life’s or means of living are based on daily earnings.

We might not have the resources to invest in stock market, set up a business and much other things, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that we are responsible for our future.

If you are a student, the same effort, thoughts and actions you put in chasing for admission few years back, if put in other activities will still yield positive results just like it yields you opportunity to study. If you are a doctor if you put in the same effort, thoughts and actions you have already put in your training as a doctor in other professions there’s possibility you will also get your reward, this is applicable to all professions or endeavours. We understand this principle in some areas of life but limit it in other important aspect of life. We forget that our everyday activities matters to our future.

Human are patient enough to spend about 4 to 7 years of their years in studying a course, but unwilling to do little things of value that has no immediate but long-term reward.

Some once said, The best way to predict the future is to create it today.

I suggest when next we have an opportunity to decide or act upon something, we should not limit our decisions based on immediate reward but the long term benefits of our decision or actions.

My decisions, thoughts and actions of five years ago, made up my today that I’m living, so what ever am living now I created it for myself (if they are not what I wish it to be, it’s my fault) and what ever am going to live tomorrow will still depend on my decisions, thoughts and actions today. So is you. We have the ability to invest in our future today through our decisions, thoughts and actions.

We must look into the future what we want and invest in it today, decisions, thoughts and actions required to achieve our wants.

If we keep focusing on the short-term benefits of our actions, we will never create a long term benefits for ourselves.

Give value today to receive value tomorrow.

Offer help to humanity and humanity will help you achieve your purpose.