The Excuse Syndrome.

Who don’t have excuse for not doing what he or she supposed to do? I always have, in fact when I fail on something or forgot to do what am supposed to do, the next thing I do is to look for excuses.

I have to, you just have to. If you don’t, you will look stupid. I don’t know why it’s that way. Maybe it’s expectation. You know, when we grow to some certain age or level we are expected to take up responsibilities. We are expected to know what to do and do it without been told. We are expected to be responsible.

There is a stage in life when we are expected to figure out our life by ourselves. We are supposed to know the right career to pick, the right skills to learn, the right business to do, the right time to study, the right people to mingle with, the right person to love and more other things. But when we fail in any of these, our best option is always to find excuses.

And one thing about excuses is that you will always find many. You will always find reasons why you shouldn’t learn the new skills, or study for the exams, or startup or do some other things that you are supposed and¬†expected to do. I always have excuses, my include not having a enough time, not privileged to come from a wealthy family, not being an extrovert, being dyslexic, not having the resources to do what I intend to do, the list can count to hundred.

But the truth is we can decide to manufacture excuses to make us feel safe, like not being stupid. Or we learn to stop giving excuses and take responsibilities of our actions. Because at the end our excuses won’t count, rather what will count is what we did and what we didn’t do.