Simple, Powerful But Difficult to Practice

A passage in the bible admonished us to seek for anything we want through Faith and be sure of obtaining it. But that seems to be one of the hardest part of the scripture to live on. To trust on the unseen. To believe in what is yet unseen. It seems to be one of the most difficult thing to practice. Human have a natural tendency to always believe in what they see they even came up with this phrase “seeing is believing” to validate that.

Talking about believing, to connect with the unseen we need not to see to believe.

Believing is the channel through which the universe connect to us. It’s through believing that we attract to ourself what we seek for. To receive what we seek for we must believe in it, then work on the process. That is what the law of attraction is saying. It’s through believing that human communicate and receive from the unseen God, the universe. It’s through believing that the impossible happen.

The world is already populated with people who merely wish and want something. But the universe is ready to grant to those who believe they will obtain what they want.

Believing and merely wanting is like a phone call involving two parties. If the signal is good there will be an effective communication. But when the signal is bad, communication becomes ineffective. The bad signal can be likening to merely wishing and wanting, by this we barely get respond to our wants. And the good signal can be said to be a want and wish backed up with a strong believe of obtaining the want, by this we get respond to anything we want. Believing is one of those simple, powerful but difficult word to live on.

But a man who have mastered the act of believing that he will obtain whatever he wants, has no boundaries. He will be tagged lucky. And the sky would be like a first step to his destination.