What do You Want to be When You Grow up? Here is How to be it.

Believe me deciding the title of this post was more difficult for me than writing the post itself. I was just trying to figure out how I can present the title so that my readers will understand what I’m trying to say since am writing for the whole world. But I still feel it was not well presented. But, don’t worry about that, read through I believe you will get the point.

I actually used the question my teacher used to ask us during our primary days in school, you were probably asked the same sort of questions, a question like what do you want to become when you grow up? My response to this question was always that I want to become a pilot and when I say that my classmates will laugh at me. Then I will look stupid. Then I stopped being a pilot. Then I started choosing to be a doctor because that is what everybody chooses.

What I really wanted to write about in this post is how you can become anything you want to be. Like for example how you can become a writer, a blogger, a footballer, a lawyer, a politician, A businessman or anything….. I hope you got the point now? Ok. Also, note that BECOMING SOMETHING is different from moving to the top or being successful in life. The focus here is on BECOMING.

So, here is it. Here is how you can become anything you want to become.

#Take up the title of what you want to become.

There’s a psychological effect name has on us, it always prompt us to act. For example, if you are in a busy and noisy market square and someone calls out your name, despite the much noise you will still pick the sound of your name, ignoring other sounds and probably turn towards the direction you had it from. It forces you to move, to act.

When you take up a title of or about anything, you will always want to adjust yourself to really represent that title, just like your name. The title will prompt you to act the functions of the title you claim to be. But honestly I can’t tell much about it in everything, but that is what happened to me as a writer. And it can happen to you as whatever you want to become.

#Act like your title

When I was much younger, we use to play this daddy, mummy and children kind of play. I was always in the children category, I was never qualified for daddy and I wanted to. I was always curious about what daddy and mummy do inside. We will build a tent-like house and somehow divide it into two part, daddy and mummy will take the inner room and children will take the outer room, I will always wonder what daddy and mummy are doing inside. They always make sure we don’t see a thing going on inside, that makes the whole thing so interesting, and more wanting. Seriously I still don’t know what goes on in that other room till date.

But as the children, we will always want to be some kind of successful children to daddy and mummy, so that daddy and mummy will be proud of us. We kind of sense that it’s what the world (daddy and mummy) want from us. So, we will always like to choose those professions that we believe is the most honourable in the society, like a doctor, nurse, lawyer or whatever. I use to go for pilot until my classmates laughed at me, I then started going for a doctor and we will always try to act like our title, we always try to do what we believe our title do in real life. I will camouflage a white apron and a stethoscope ( that instruments that doctors use to check heartbeat) and began acting like a doctor. We are just kids, but we already have the impression that for us to prove that we are sometimes we had to act like that thing.

When you take up the title, you don’t need to be perfect or understand all the rules before you start acting, all you need is to start doing the basic things your title expects you to do in terms of talking, dressing, walking, eating and doing stuff your title always do. This is what I mean, If you choose footballer as your title, you can start playing football, if you chose a writer start writing, if you choose lawyer start visiting the courtyard, if you chose musician start singing…etc then study about your title to grow.

#Study about your title

When I mean study about your title, what I really mean is to learn what you can learn about it, learn all the theories, all the skills, all the rules and all that. And one of the ways to do that is to learn from people who have been the title you have chosen to be. For you to really be that title I mean to become the best of that title, you have to allow people to mentor you in whatever way either through books, video, podcast, physically or virtually, whatever ways that might likely work for you use it.

The thing is that whatever we want to be in this life, somebody somehow and somewhere has been it, and probably has written a practical advice of how to or what not to about it. So our responsibility is to go out and search for that book and read it, that video and watch it, that person and tell him or her to teach us or as the case may be. And then act based on the reasonable and valuable knowledge we get from it, and then become what we want to become. Remember the videos you didn’t watch and the books you do not read won’t help you, it won’t help me either. So allow all this informative content out there to help you.

When you began the journey of studying about your title, you should start talking about it.

#Talk about your title.

This is actually the reason am writing this post, my writing or videos are based actually on the things I have learnt by practising or studying writing, blogging, self-improvement,  startup etc

When you try to talk about what you do, it opens more opportunities for you to learn more, for example sometimes when I published my post in my blog people will ask questions of what I don’t have Idea of, that always forces me to research about that thing by that I can give then a meaningful reply and at the same time learn new things. A win-win for all.

Another way talking about my title helps me know more about my titles is, sometimes when I am writing I do come across words or terms that I really didn’t understand which always prompt me to make research which will lead to me fully understand the term, then I share it will my audience then everybody learns. Another Win-win for all.

We always have this conservative mindset. A kind of thought like this knowledge, skills or idea I learnt cost me a lot of time and resources, I won’t give it out for free. These are what the school system teach us, to always think just for our self, but it doesn’t help us to grow. You will gain more when you try to talk and share what you know about your title.

There is more to say on talking about your title. But I hope the little said here serve you.

But to become what you what to become, take up the title of that thing you want to become. Act like your title. Study about your title and Talk about your title.

And that is how you become A Pilot, A Doctor, A writer and many other things.