My top tips for happiness in 2018

Happiness is a life time goal for all. We either aim for it consciously or unconsciously. From when we are little and started playing with objects to when we become old and can’t do anything, our major aim is and will always be to be happy.

Happiness occurs through the sense of feelings. When we experience some sort of serenity in our mind it spreads itself to other aspect of our body producing some sort of expression and attitude which can be observed to be happiness. To constantly produce this sort of feelings we need to constantly engage in some sort of act that can produce these feelings.

We have been living on some sort of ways till now hoping to dig out happiness from them. If they are really making us happy, it’s cool to continue. But if somehow they are not, it’s time to quit them and look out for some other ways. These are my opinions of things you can do in 2018 to experience great happiness. Actually they are things I aim to constantly do to make myself happy.

#Do what you love.

I don’t know how many times you have had about “doing what you love”. Well, you can add this one to the number. Doing what you love is a potential source of happiness. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, or too serious, or too special, or profitable or done in a certain routine. All it has to be is something you enjoy doing. Like swimming, adventures, writing, dancing, modeling, startup or maybe helping the needy. You really don’t have to be skilled in it, or talented in it. All you need to do is know what you enjoy doing, in some cases learn to do it and just do it.

Many times we try to link what we love doing to earning a living. Like the B.S “do what you love and you will be rich” am really skeptical about that. Sometimes doing what you love is demanding, and will require your resources like time and money. But at the end, the only tangible thing you might really gain from it is the feeling of happiness it will produce in you.

The happiness that comes from doing what you love is natural. It starts with the feeling of joy in the heart, to sense of fulfillment that produces great happiness.

#Show gratitude

Few days ago I was walking along the road. I saw a man sitting on a plastic chair along the walkway stirring at people as they pass by. He’s accompanied by some young men whom are soliciting for help from people passing by. The young man sitting on the chair is an albino, by merely looking at his face I can sights his esophagus, his whole mouth where all ripped out. All his mouth up to his teeth, down to his jaw has been eaten up by a sort of disease or an accident which I have no idea. Walking down a little more I saw another set. Here this one has one of his eye ball plunged out. It could be an accident or a disease, again I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t look at them up to 10 seconds. But one thing I observe is that they were hopeful of getting a enough help to help them self at least to live a semi normal life, if not normal life. Another thing I observe is that they weren’t happy. No one is actually expecting them to be happy in that sort of condition.

But what about us how often do we neglect the wholeness of body and mind we have. We take them for granted. Many times we are even worried about the size, shape and color that we fail to be happy about it wholeness.

When we learn to appreciate the little things (that are not little to some people) that we are privileged to have. When we look at our whole existence as an embodiment of grace and appreciate what ever force or power that is running it. When we look at the family we have, our friends, our sweet hearts, we will really know that we have reasons to be happy.

We even tend to neglect the privilege of having a roof over our head. In 2010, when i was learning trade at daily market in Island in Lagos (Nigeria), I had an experience of great lesson on gratitude. It was a bad day for me at the market. For some sort of reasons I didn’t make sales neither do I have fare to go back home. I was ashamed to beg, I didn’t have an idea on how to go home and I won’t be allowed to sleep in the plaza because it’s prohibited. I was confused and worried I didn’t know how to get help. At the end of the day I was left with an option to sleep under the bridge where some insane and physically challenged persons who lived by the means of begging along the street of the market. It was a terrible experience. I picked up some clean waste cartoons and lay then down to sleep. That was one of the longest night I have ever witnessed. The cold, the mosquitoes, the rats running up and down was enough to keep me awake all through the night. The night became longer and the time became slower. I was forced to realize the privilege of sleeping under a roof. Regardless of how uncomfortable it’s, it can never be compared with sleeping under the bridge.

There more of little sort of experience you can look at within or outside you to see how we have failed to appreciate things and failed to be happy about the things we have or have access to. When you consciously count your blessings, you will unconsciously feel happiness.

#Help as many as you can.

Help in this context, is not all about giving money. It includes helping a young child or an aged person cross the busy road. Or doing something for someone, what he/she can’t do for him/herself. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or too obvious, or too remarkable. It’s more of mindset and attitude than volume and quantity. When you become a source of happiness to someone the ripple effect of that happiness always ripple back to the source. I don’t know how or why it always happens that way. Maybe it’s because of the goodness the person wish for you.

Having ability to help someone is a great thing to joy about, to be happy for. It’s evidence that we have something to offer to the world. It’s also our starting point to making the world a better place. It’s something which can produce good feelings in you.

#Talk less

Like someone once told me “I have to talk, or do you want me to develop mouth odour” actually I don’t really know how truth it’s that talking much helps to eliminate mouth odour. But what I do know is that there many ways to eliminate mouth odour like brushing your mouth twice a day, or using a mouth spray, or talking when it’s needful. Many times I wonder how people have a lot to say about unnecessary things, maybe am not gifted on that. I always lack words to say about things that don’t resonate with me even on telephone conversations.

Maybe it’s a deficiency that I have to work on. But I love the quietness it helps me to enjoy, to think more and observe life as it happens. Someone once said “silence is the element in which great thing fashion them self”. I agree with that, but they don’t fashion them self because you talk less or you maintain silence. Great things fashion them self because you have time to think, to reason and observe things. Silence also helps us to listen to our inner voice. Which many times is the source of happiness.

#Spend time with kids

I will likely not write about happiness, because I will likely think I’m not legible to talk about happiness. But I did it anyway. Maybe this will serve as a blueprint for me to be happier in 2018. Not just that anyway, I also believe everybody regardless of whatever and including kids have one or two things to teach us about happiness and some other stuff.

Kids are curious being, they want to know why everything is the way it’s. They will act in some ways and ask a lot of questions, funny ones sometimes that will force you to think in way you never intended to think. Many times it brings your attention to things you are missing being an adult or teenager. Things like having a free mind, not giving up and being able to laugh out loud without feeling embarrassed. And it’s only when your mind is free from worries, when you know that there’s a lot of hope and opportunities, when you are able to smile or laugh out loud, that is really when you can be able to feel happiness inside and radiate it outside.

Doing What You Love.

If you ever want to be happy in life you need to find what you love. You need to find it in relationship. In your career. In your look. In your body shape and much other areas. The only place you really don’t have a choice of choosing what you love is your family, your ancestors. You just need to deal with what ever it’s for you. You can’t change whom your parents are or there lineage.

But in relationship you need to find what you love and then love who possessing what you love. then will you discover happiness.

In career, when you find what you love. Then start acting on it, then you will discover happiness in the process.

It’s the same in the way you want to look. And much more other aspect of life.

The major secret to happy life is find what you love and do it or live it.

Here is one thing, doing what you love doesn’t have to be your means of survival. It must not be your means of income. Though it can be, but it must not be. Sometimes what you love doing is something you can do at your free time if you have some or at a created time.

Finding what you love is a different thing, doing it or living it is another thing.

Here is what no one has told you (maybe) about doing what you love. Doing what you love is demanding. It’s not as easy as they sound it “find what you love and stick to it and you will be happy and successful” they never talked about the sacrifices that you need to put in. Doing what you love requires commitment and sacrifices which includes your resources and time. If what you love is to be a doctor, it will take you about 7 to 10 years to really do it and find real fulfilment in it. If you love to be a writer, you need to spend thousands of minutes writing before you can really find the joy in it. Starting anything is always hard. If you love a particular shape, you will need to pay for it with some time in the gym. You need to buy the stuffs needed so to give you that great look.

Many times what you love, takes forever to start playing right.

Some times what you love acts like ” a young lady who likes a young man who is already asking her out, but she plays cool.. she doesn’t want to look cheap. She patiently wait for the young man to prove that he cares. When she finds out that he really cares she then give in”.

Many times we have to prove that we love some thing and also that we love doing that thing, before it will start playing out for us, and then we can discover the joy in it.

Where Our Happiness Lies.



As we engage in our daily activities, one thing I know from almost everybody is that we are all seeking for happiness.

Happiness is a universal commodity just like success, if there is a market offering happiness as it product or service, I believe it will never go out of business.

Everybody want to be happy irrespective of economic and social status. Irrespective of religion, culture and beliefs every persons want to be happy.

We are always seeking for happiness, we are always sourcing for it in every act we engage in every day of our life.

Some people claim to be happy, through their twits and updates they try to convince the world how happy they are. But deep down inside most of them surely they are not happy.

Some have chased money to the extreme for the sake of happiness, just to be disappointed that having money can’t guarantee them real happiness.

What is happiness? According to Psychologist happiness is an emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Contentment brings about real happiness.

Where then do our happiness lies?

Our happiness lies in being what we are.

Many of us are not what we are, we are what our parent are, what our environment, friends, religion are.

We fail to understand the fact that we represent a purpose in this environment call world. We are something.

We often use this phrase “Be yourself”, especially when counselling someone, but never understood it. To be yourself you have to know yourself, you have to discover who you are.

When you discover who you are and start living your life based on who you are, that is when through happiness will come.

Because when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing in this circle called life you will be contend and you will be happy.

Because contentment brings about happiness.