Nothing Is Easy…

Nothing is easy

Nothing is easy

Truly nothing is easy, it’s not as easy as these inspirational and motivational speakers and coach put it to be.

It’s not easy to open a new business. There are no resources, no one to help, and probably the ideas which formerly look very hopeful are now seeming unworkable. Maybe because many are into it, and they haven’t gone along fine, how will I come in and surpass them with my novice idea?

It’s not easy to learn new skills, the time it will cost, by the way many already know these skills, why aren’t they at the top, how then will it work for me.

It’s not easy to write, how will i take out one, two, three to four hours of my time to write a piece, imagine the time it consumes, and the stress of writing, the writing blocks and at the end my summed effort will land at the sight of people who don’t care to read my writing.

It’s not easy to go for that few minutes road work..

It’s not easy to go for or take out that few minutes workout in the Gym or anywhere.

It’s not easy to read, to study and to, and to, and to,…. the list goes on and on.

Nothing is easy..

Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s good that nothing is easy.

Sometimes I do wonder if everything is easy, how will people get along. Imagine the world where everybody is a champion or were everybody can get what he or she want as easy as he or she can? Who will care to know if you your genius, who will care for your skills, who will care for your smartness, who will admire you, who will create a scenario for you to feel that joy of creativity and productivity.. nobody, everybody will be busy celebrating himself or herself. It’s just my imagination, so it doesn’t count anyway.

But, the easy way is to sit on that couch and face that TV set watch that move, watch that show or watch that program.

The easy way is to surf around social media all day long.

The easy way is to hang out with that new or old friend and have some drinks, some snacks, take cool pic, see movies in cinema. And the list goes on

But, has the easy way real paid off? has it really helped?

Maybe everything should be easy, so that we all get anything as easy as we want and can.

Unfortunately the good things aren’t easy to get, to achieve.

And also, everything falls on decision, is either you decide to fellow the easy way that makes life harder later or the not easy way that make life easier later.

They are my opinion they really don’t count, but think about it.