Everything Is An Inspiration, Find Your Inspiration.

Everything is an inspiration, I mean everything, we can draw inspiration from everything.

Anything and everything can inspire you.

The birds..

Your kids or nephew or Cousin..

Your mum..

Your Dad..


Your enemies..

The sports games..

The books you read..

The movies you watch..

The songs you listen to..

The people you meet every minutes of the day…. So many other things out there can inspire you.

Even your dreams and purpose..

Many times I wonder how some people get to achieve so much as they do, I do wonder how someone can come up with about million plus words to make up a book and still have in his or her record of about 2,3 to 50 books or 100, 200 to 600 or more blog post to his or her name, how were they able to do that? are they smarter than others?.. I don’t think so, I believe every body is smart enough. Well I don’t know there rituals, but apart from commitments and other positive attributes they possess, I believe something also inspires them to act always.

Maybe their dreams or purpose..

Maybe the books, blog, magazine, newspaper, newsletter they read,

Maybe the the videos, movie and comic tape they watch..

Maybe the lecture, seminar and workshops they attended..

Maybe the audio message or songs they listen to..

Or even more other things, many which I can’t mention here.

Many great achievers have testified to one or more of the above mentioned or not mentioned being the source of their inspiration.

What ever it’s for then that’s great, but what is most important is that you find your own inspiration, you need to find that thing that keeps you attuned to your core purpose, plans and mission, that thing that stimulates you to act or do more and better.

Certainly there are lots of distraction out there, if we keep on waiting for when we are prompt to act, it might really take awhile before we take the next step.

What ever positive act you engage, it’s important you find an inspiration in some sort of other act, inspiration that will stimulates you to always show up when required and when necessary.

What is or are your inspirations? Please share in comment section.