What Are The Intentions For Your Actions?

Intention action

Intention action

What are the intentions for your actions? Why are you doing the things you are doing today or things you hope to do today or tomorrow?

Every action has backup intention, I believe so.

Every single action we perform in every of our day to day activities are performed with an intention, from the moving of our eyeballs down to the lifting of our feet, all are performed for a reason, for a purpose with an intention, in many cases the intentions are known to us, some times it’s unknown, many times it’s consciously, some times it’s unconsciously.

But, It will be more productive and meaningful if we consciously state clear or bear in mind the intentions for all our conscious actions.

Like consciously stating why we want to go to school or why we are in school?

Why we want a job or why we are working on a job?

Why you want to go or why we are always going to the Gym everyday or some days?

Why do you need to learn that new skills or whatever?

Why do you need to look good, why do you need those new clothes.. or whatever?

Why do you need to subscribe to that mobile data or whatever?

Why do you need to quit your job or not quite it or whatever?

Why do you and why do you not….. the list goes on.

It might be short or long term intentions or mid term or whatever.

As a writer I have an intention, my intention is to publish books, I have being publishing post or article almost every day, but my intention is to publish books, though am working on one, I hope you will read it, when it’s published.

I would have said my intention is to make money or to instruct people or to inspire people or to encourage people. No, not because I don’t need the money, I swear down… I need the money more than you do.. but now my intention for writing is to publish books, maybe when I publish books my intention will change to making money or may not, whatever it maybe I am much around to experience it.

Though, to instruct, inspire and encourage people are things I feel passionate about, and which am actually doing, but my core intention today for writing is to publish books.

For you I don’t know what it’s for you, I don’t know about your next or current actions, and also your intentions, but I know you perform actions, you under activities every day which are backed up by intentions.

So I don’t know if you will take my ideas and opinions, but I also want to let you know that all the ideas and opinions here are suggestive rather than imposing, so you might take it or leave it.

But there are benefits or good reasons or whatever, of consciously having in mind the intention of your conscious actions.

Determining the intentions of your conscious actions might save you some time or resources or maybe save your future or help you reach perfection, whatever it’s, consciously determining intentions of actions will not limit you, rather it will help shape the way your actions are performed and many times it gives reasons why not to perform an actions, that is not limitation, that is effective management of your time.

Also, consciously determining intentions for actions allow you to see the end picture through visualization or imagination, which can motivate and inspire you to beat procrastination, concentrate and put in the necessary effort needed to perform an action in a profound way.

You can figure out more benefits of consciously determine the intention before action, I know you are smart enough maybe even smarter than me.

But whatever way you chose to see it, just know that your actions today determines how your life will be tomorrow.