What to Learn From The Candy Crush Game.

I use to love playing games, I used to have all sorts of games in my phone, games like PES, candy crush, temple run and I was also trying to learn chess because I discovered that my girl friend loves chess, so I thought if I could learn it someday we will play it together. But about a year ago I stopped, I stopped playing games, I started seen then as a waste of time. I became too serious about myself, just because I want to improve myself. But I have found out that life is all about how you see things, everything is all about perception. Where people see waste of time, you can actually see ideas, lessons and opportunities.

Two weeks ago I saw a movie JUMANJI, the movie changed the way I now see games not just games also movies. I now want to play more games not because I want to waste my time, but because I believe it can help me understand how life really is.

Life is a game.

Life is just like candy crush, or any sort of game you can think of.

The rules are always the same, study the game, develop a strategy, make the right move, win the current level and advance to the next level.

You always start the candy crush game from level one which is very much easy level. But then that’s where you learn the rules of the game that is where you learn the requirements of the game, even though it’s easy we might likely fail because we have not properly learn the rules.

Such is life, the only way to win the game of life is to learn the rules, develop a strategy and make the right move, and the truth is in many occasions we will fail, because we have not yet mastered the game. Sometimes we will almost exhaust our lifeline, just like in some games. But in the game of life we only have one lifeline, and the sad thing is that we are not getting out of this game of life with our life.

But we can always do what the game masters want us to do, that is to pass successfully from stages to stages until we exhaust our lifeline. And how to do this is to learn the rules of the game we are into.

There are rules to becoming what we want to be that we cannot neglect, no matter how anyone tries to tell you that you should not worry about them. There are rules to moving to the top in every human Endeavour.

There are rules to becoming a better writer.

A better singer

A better artist

A better actor

A better president

A better farmer

There are rules to becoming a better designer.

And much other things in life.

And one thing about all these rules is that, just like in any game when you learn the rules you can design or develop your own strategy, and make your own move in your own way. And when you do that in candy crush you always win and you always advance in stages, even though sometimes it’s will be very difficult.

Don’t try to play safe in the game of life remember we will not get out of it alive.

Doing What You Love.

If you ever want to be happy in life you need to find what you love. You need to find it in relationship. In your career. In your look. In your body shape and much other areas. The only place you really don’t have a choice of choosing what you love is your family, your ancestors. You just need to deal with what ever it’s for you. You can’t change whom your parents are or there lineage.

But in relationship you need to find what you love and then love who possessing what you love. then will you discover happiness.

In career, when you find what you love. Then start acting on it, then you will discover happiness in the process.

It’s the same in the way you want to look. And much more other aspect of life.

The major secret to happy life is find what you love and do it or live it.

Here is one thing, doing what you love doesn’t have to be your means of survival. It must not be your means of income. Though it can be, but it must not be. Sometimes what you love doing is something you can do at your free time if you have some or at a created time.

Finding what you love is a different thing, doing it or living it is another thing.

Here is what no one has told you (maybe) about doing what you love. Doing what you love is demanding. It’s not as easy as they sound it “find what you love and stick to it and you will be happy and successful” they never talked about the sacrifices that you need to put in. Doing what you love requires commitment and sacrifices which includes your resources and time. If what you love is to be a doctor, it will take you about 7 to 10 years to really do it and find real fulfilment in it. If you love to be a writer, you need to spend thousands of minutes writing before you can really find the joy in it. Starting anything is always hard. If you love a particular shape, you will need to pay for it with some time in the gym. You need to buy the stuffs needed so to give you that great look.

Many times what you love, takes forever to start playing right.

Some times what you love acts like ” a young lady who likes a young man who is already asking her out, but she plays cool.. she doesn’t want to look cheap. She patiently wait for the young man to prove that he cares. When she finds out that he really cares she then give in”.

Many times we have to prove that we love some thing and also that we love doing that thing, before it will start playing out for us, and then we can discover the joy in it.

Your Philosophy About Life Is Important.


Your philosophies are like a map that will lead you through the dark and bright path of your life. It will guild you to where ever you want to go. It will guild your steps, to move in the right direction. It will guild your tongue to speak what is necessary and needful. It will guild your eyes to look out for the right stuffs to work with and to work on. It will guild your noise to small opportunity available to live the life it intend to lead you to. It will guild your skin to receive more the necessary feelings needed.

Your philosophies are your beliefs. What you believe on issues of life. They are what you believe about Wealth, spirituality, love, governance, power, authority, humanity….etc. What you think is right and wrong. What you think is reasonable and unreasonable. What you think is good or bad.

What you believe in is what will help you lead your life. If you believe you can do anything you will probably do all things. If you believe that you don’t have a chance, you already don’t. In a blur view you can see what your future will look like, just by looking at your current philosophy about issues of life.

Nothing Is Easy…

Nothing is easy

Nothing is easy

Truly nothing is easy, it’s not as easy as these inspirational and motivational speakers and coach put it to be.

It’s not easy to open a new business. There are no resources, no one to help, and probably the ideas which formerly look very hopeful are now seeming unworkable. Maybe because many are into it, and they haven’t gone along fine, how will I come in and surpass them with my novice idea?

It’s not easy to learn new skills, the time it will cost, by the way many already know these skills, why aren’t they at the top, how then will it work for me.

It’s not easy to write, how will i take out one, two, three to four hours of my time to write a piece, imagine the time it consumes, and the stress of writing, the writing blocks and at the end my summed effort will land at the sight of people who don’t care to read my writing.

It’s not easy to go for that few minutes road work..

It’s not easy to go for or take out that few minutes workout in the Gym or anywhere.

It’s not easy to read, to study and to, and to, and to,…. the list goes on and on.

Nothing is easy..

Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s good that nothing is easy.

Sometimes I do wonder if everything is easy, how will people get along. Imagine the world where everybody is a champion or were everybody can get what he or she want as easy as he or she can? Who will care to know if you your genius, who will care for your skills, who will care for your smartness, who will admire you, who will create a scenario for you to feel that joy of creativity and productivity.. nobody, everybody will be busy celebrating himself or herself. It’s just my imagination, so it doesn’t count anyway.

But, the easy way is to sit on that couch and face that TV set watch that move, watch that show or watch that program.

The easy way is to surf around social media all day long.

The easy way is to hang out with that new or old friend and have some drinks, some snacks, take cool pic, see movies in cinema. And the list goes on

But, has the easy way real paid off? has it really helped?

Maybe everything should be easy, so that we all get anything as easy as we want and can.

Unfortunately the good things aren’t easy to get, to achieve.

And also, everything falls on decision, is either you decide to fellow the easy way that makes life harder later or the not easy way that make life easier later.

They are my opinion they really don’t count, but think about it.

Be A Student To Life.

Learn everyday

Life exists before any man. So it’s reasonable to say that life has much experience than any man on earth.

Many understood the adage that says “wisdom comes with age” this could be applied to man and his relationship with life.

Life has been exiting before man was conceived. Therefore, life has great lessons to teach man on his earthly pilgrimage.

Man has to allow life to teach him principles that will help him live healthy, successful, happy and a contributing life.

Man most not limit his learning to the class room, man must learn to recognize and identify the lessons, ideas and knowledge life has dropped on his path as past experience.

Man must be ready to enquire from life things that are unclear to him.

Life might not have a voice to speak to man, or a signage to signer to man answers to issues.

But surely life do communicate to man, by the people it made possible for him to meet on daily basis, by decisions made by him, friends or neighbours(good and wrong decisions), by the struggle and challenges man have faced, by the story of that wealthy, healthy and happy individual and more other ways life has been communicating to man.

In so many ways life is communicating to man the ideal way to relate with life.

Man mostly don’t observe. Man always want to trade with life in his own desirable way (sometimes wrong way), man mostly and some how have made it look like classroom knowledge is paramount more to any other.

I remember back then in school, when i felt reading was stressful, I even went to the extend of deciding not to set my eyes on any book even a signage after exams.

Assuming I really went through with that decision, I’m just imagining how much knowledge, skills and information I would have missed, just because I thought reading was stressful.

Then, I never knew that reading can be fun and exciting, but only when you are reading what pleases you, not what are imposed on you by a set of system. Reading the wrong thing makes reading stressful and boring.

Learn everyday

Man has to learn to learn from life.

Man has to be conscious of every moment to get the information, ideas and lessons life is communicating to him on how to relate with it (life) and be better.

Man need to trace to his past with consciousness to discover lessons life has thought him, which can serve as a reference for correction, direction and decision for his present and future.

Man has to be humble, man has to develop a teachable attitude before he can learn the great lessons life has for him.

Man need to learn everyday outside the classroom to be wiser and be better.