The Limitations of Our Mind Power .

Mind power

Mind power

Since I discovered  that the mind is the origin of every thing that has ever existed and still exist in the planet earth, I have spent time studying it (trying to know the ability of human mind), from the invention of  the electric bulb, moving machine, flying machines to creations of religious principles, Governments constitution to communities on the net like Facebook and so on, and even tracing it to my personal believe on the creation of the world with the biblical story of creation, it all pointed to the same fact that everything that has ever existed was first conceived in the mind before its physical manifestation.

Before now, i have always imagined how someone can out of nothing create something remarkable, but I now understood that our mind is a channel through which the universe recreate and create his creation, I now see the possibility of man doing anything he so wishes, though everyone will not be an inventor or a creator but but it’s certain that we can do things in an extraordinary ways, because the divinity that shapes our end, is our self, and that is the mind.

One of the reasons why we don’t yet understand the the ability of our mind power is that we are too quick to judge or conclude on what we don’t understand.

Growing up as a kid and seeing a moving object like cars and airplanes, lot of things use to go on in my mind, like who possible did this, how possible is it for this object to be far away from ground without crashing, being ignorant of the law that made that possible I was always quick to judge that the makers or inventors of those objects are more than human, that they are spiritualist, someone people still have this kind of mentality. Assuming I knew then about the law of gravity, it would have being easier for me to think that someone might have manipulated the law of gravity to put an object in the air, assuming then I understood the law of motion, I might have also reasoned that someone would have manipulated the law of motion to make car move. Some people today still live with the idea that some complicated machines and devices that has been invented or created wasn’t done by an ordinary human, that mentality limit the mind power, because you can’t see any possibility of you doing anything extraordinary (lack of knowledge also limit the ability of mind power). It is wise to study laws, believes, principles, act or action before concluding on your opinions or beliefs.

What you should know;

Humans are rational creature, one of the things that made us different from other animals is that we have the ability to use our own mind (we can think for our self) other animals operate by genetic codes, humans have the power to change the course of there own life (a doctor today can decide to be a lawyer, all needed is to source within the environment materials need to be a lawyer) if he/she can conceive it in his/her mind it can be achieved. That power also gives all human the ability to form things with their mind through their imagination upon form and formless substance, and once it’s conceived it can be achieved.