My Ideal Ways of Developing The Mind.

Developing the Mind

Developing the Mind

The mind is an important element in a person, it’s an element that enables one to be aware of the world and experiences, to think, and to feel; it’s also the faculty (the house) of consciousness and thought, it’s in this element that ideas and decisions that shapes our future and the entire world are formed. In regards to these, I think this element should be cherished, developed and given special attention so that it can maximize its potential. Read on, let me share with you my ideal ways of developing this precious element call MIND.

#Fill your mind with the right content.

I feel this is very important when it’s about developing the mind. Just like in farming, it’s what you sow you will reap. You can’t plant a corn and expect to reap cassava, it’s not possible, not even sure if it’s ¬†with agricultural technologies like seed modification. Simply putting it, the content you fill the mind, determines the kind of ideas and decisions it will produce. someone once said “To improve what shows up in the exterior of your world, first, be still and improve the interior” this saying is fact, if you want something better outside improve the source inside. If you want your car to serve you better, you just need take care of the engine.

As it’s applicable to machines so is it to human. Someone might ask, what makes a content good? or how do I fill my mind with good content? my opinion on the first is, content are good if they are positive. But the fact is that they are many positive content out there, do I have to consume everything positive I set my hands on?.. not really, pick positive content within your field, skills, talent and passion. Fill your mind with quality and positive content and see in your ideas and decisions how developed your mind will be.

#Open your mind to possibility.

This another tips on how to develop the mind, Opening your mind to possibility. It can be difficult thou, because of the environment we have grown in and the beliefs we have been conditioned. These beliefs or environment has made us develop a kind of attitude towards things, people and and other beliefs outside our own environment. Kind of attitude… like rejecting whatever did not uphold or compliment the things and beliefs we are used to. What this does to us is that, it shout the door of learning, it limit the possibility of knowing what we don’t know. And as we might know New knowledge, information or skill are some of the ingredient which the mind uses to form ideas and decisions (past experiences inclusive). So by opening your mind to possibility, you get to understand why something is the way it’s, why people behaviour the way they do, and so many other things, which can open your mind to more ideas and help you make sound decisions that will create a better future for you.

#Practice and teach what you know to know more.

Like it’s always said, practice makes perfect, not the other way round. You just need to practice with the little you know. As we might already know there are other elements like the MEMORY that makes up the mind, these other elements also needs to be developed. Practicing and teach what you know will open opportunities for you to know more. I have a personal experiences on this, hear my story ‘Back in 2013, I had an opportunity to instruct in a computer institution(as a system applications instructor) although I had little knowledge about most of the system applications am suppose to teach my students then, but I took the job. guess what, as I start teaching the little I know, I was able to know more. How..? By the students questions, what I don’t know became more clear to me, and that made it easier for me because I then get to know my lapses and with a clear picture of my ignorant I was able to improve and learn the skills and knowledge needed to carry out my duty.

Situations might be different but the act of practicing and teaching what you know to know more can be applicable in all situation.