5 Things I Learnt From The Movie “Alice Through The Looking Glass”

Have you seen the Movie? if you haven’t, you may try seeing it after reading this post.

This post is actually not a review of the movie. But rather the lessons I grabbed from one or more scenes in the movie.

Among Instructive/educational tapes and books, movies are one source from which I learn life principles, pick out ideas and improve some of my life concepts. Am trying to re-watch most movies that I have watched in the past years. But this time, am trying to figure out what lessons the movies are trying to pass out. Am watching now to learn not really to be entertained.

A few days ago I finished watching the movie “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. that wasn’t the first time I have watched the movie. But I was astonished by the lessons I picked out from it. What happened the first time I watched? Why didn’t I observe those lessons? I’m still wondering. Maybe then I was watching to be entertained.

Ok, Here are lessons I learnt from the movie. The descriptions and interpretations might not be the same as it was in the movie, but I pray you get my point.

1) We are the master of our own life.

In the first scene of the movies, Alice and her crew were in danger, they were chased by pirates. They also have the storm, and the obstacle of either rock or an iceberg that is in the middle of the sea to deal with. They have two options, to surrender to the pirates or take the risk and navigate through the obstacles with the storm. One of the crew members said it’s impossible, Alice being the captain commanded them to pull the stunt.

“We are the captain of our own ship no one will make the decisions for us, especially the difficult one, but we should also know that our outcome will always be determined by the decisions we make, results is also ours to enjoy. Cause and effects are everywhere obtained”.

2) Achieving Impossible Things = believe that impossible is possible

They survived, and what Alice could say about the whole drama is that “the only way to achieve impossible is to believe that it’s possible” what a miracle. Their odds of surviving was low. They had three obstacles to surmount within a short period of time. They had to escape from the pirates, they had to navigate through obstacles and storms. The most dangerous decision was to make a shape turn within those obstacles and which with the storm can cause the ship to capsize. That was actually what one of the crew members said it’s impossible to do and Alice said command them to do it. They almost crashed into the obstacles, the ship almost capsized but Alice climbed up something, (I don’t know what it’s called, it’s an old kind of ship, the scene of the movie was of the early 20th century) she drew out her sword and cut a rope luckily the ship gradually gained its balance. And she made that remark ” the only way to achieve impossible is to believe it’s possible”.

“With that left part of our brain always trying to protect us, most times we focus on what if it doesn’t work and forget about what if it works”.

3) If you can conceive it, you can achieve it

Trying to escape, she went through a looking glass and found herself in another world. Don’t ask me what she was running from when you watch the movie you will know. (That is probably where the title came from).

But she was familiar with the environment, some talking animals and humans there knew her. She was even a friend to some of them. She came at the right time his friend by the name Arthur is depressed, he found a hat he made when he was a little boy, which he showed to his father, his father criticized it and threw it into a dustbin. After that, something happened which lead him to angrily left his family and went to live in another city. A great disaster struck and destroyed the whole kingdom. It was assumed that everyone died. But after several years, he found that same hat, the first hat he made that he showed to his father many years ago. He wasn’t expecting to ever see it again. That made him believed that his family is still alive. Saying and believing so made his friends think he is stupid and insane. But he can feel it, he just needs someone to believe him. And here is Alice his friends, but his story also made Alice think the way others thought of him, stupid and sick.

Guess what he was right, later in the movie it was discovered that his family was held captive somewhere.

“Don’t let peoples disbelief discourage you from believing in the vision you have conceived”.

4) A good friend is someone who cares about you.

Despite disbelieving him, Alice was worried, her friend might kill himself, he isolated himself from others, he no longer plays as he uses to. What can we do to help him? Asked Alice. The princess who is also a friend to Arthur suggest “there’s a way you can go back in time, maybe if you can change the event in the past you can prevent Arthur family from dying from that disaster” Alice was the only one suitable to go back through the time because no one is supposed to see his or her past in the past. If that happens, the past, present and the future will be destroyed. Since she is not from that world she is suitable for the journey.

“She did it. She did it because she cares for her friend, even though she did not believe in his story, she did something to help”.

5) You can’t change the past but you can learn from it.

That was what TIME told Alice, she needed something, I can’t remember the real name, but a precious kind of object from TIME that will enable her travel back in time to change the event that destroyed Arthur’s family (TIME is the timekeeper of that world) TIME told her it’s a dangerous thing to do and also she can’t change the past but she can learn from it.  But she insisted. She stole the object and went on the journey. She tried in several cases to change the past but she couldn’t. Time was right, “we can’t change the past but we can always learn from it)

But she really learnt from the past. She learnt that Arthur’s father loved him. When Arthur left the room that day he presented his hat to his father, his father went back and picked the hat from the dustbin cherished it, and safely kept it. That was against what Arthur believed, he thought his father hate it, he thought he failed.

Alice also learnt that Arthur’s family didn’t die during that event which destroyed the whole kingdom. She discovered that they were kidnapped.

“Many times we beat our self up, wishing we can go back in the past and correct our mistakes. That might not be possible. But we can always learn from the past and do things right in the present so that the future will be regret-free”.

These are not all you will get from the movie, but the movie thought me many lessons about life the way I have never studied them. I recommend you to go watch it.

4 Things That Can Improve Creativity.

Creativity is the working of the genius that is what most people think or what I think. But everybody can be creative, meaning everybody can be genius. The problem lies in how we think of creativity. When we think of creativity as the next Thomas Edison, or Wright brothers, or Henry Ford, we might really be getting it wrong.

Creativity doesn’t have to be an invention or building of an industry or sitting in the sit of power transforming the economy, or country. The world really doesn’t have to know about you and your creative ability. Creativity also involves inventing actions that will make you happy, it involves discovering plans towards attaining your goals. It also involves creating terms for yourself, choosing yourself.

Am actually writing this to make myself feel better, because when you look out there and see great stuff people are creating, the great books people have written, the great companies that have been built, the great inventions that have been invented, it will be easy for you to feel lost and invaluable or uncreative. But the truth is, we can always redefine everything to suit our motive (good or evil). It’s in our gene to redefine things to suit us, that is why people will always look into the holy books and pick out passages that validate their beliefs, motive and decision, we are all guilty of this.

I like to redefine things when I feel people are having a wrong understanding of them, that is why I redefine success for myself as “an upward progression, a state of moving to the top” by this I can measure my success every day in everything, my mission, goals, career, health, finances, relationships etc eliminating the idea of waiting till when I have a million dollar before feeling successful.

That is creativity, creating your own definition of some issues of life, having in mind that however everything is or has been it was created by someone, somewhere and some time ago.

Here are some tools that can improve anyone creative power.


It won’t be necessary to start running the analysis of the percentage of people who read and those who do not ready. It’s obvious that majority of people don’t read. I know very much about that I was on the list two years ago. Breaking out of the percentage that doesn’t read was a big transformation in my life. But it’s not about me it’s about the important information anyone gets from reading a book.

Most of us have a practical experience of how reading could be of importance to us. I mean, that is how we got our degree or certificate, by reading junk theories and hypothesis even though they are imposed on us the information we get from them got us the degree or certificate. And that is how we got to know more about our religion by reading holy books.

But the unfortunate thing is that we stop or limit our reading after exams. That was what happened to me after my final exams on an OND program; I made a decision not to read a book again even a signage. Because I read all through every night before the exams so that I can recall the definition of a particular term by a particular man, that a customer in the market don’t care to know if he exists before buying my product or services. You may actually say am not a good student, I should have studied before exams, but the truth is I don’t like those books. If not for exams I will not touch most of them. Most times in our life, we have experienced the importance of reading. What then happened? Why the limitations?

Beliefs. We don’t want people to change the beliefs we have about something. But, If there are evidence and facts that prove our beliefs wrong, that simply means our beliefs really need to be changed. Humans are factual being.

Many times these Limitations is what is limiting our potential.

But the essence of reading is not to be a follower but to be a student. To learn what you don’t know and apply it to what you know, in other to create your own terms and perception of the world, which is an act of creativity.

Books are made of someone’s ideas, opinions and experiences. In anyone idea we can pick out ideas, in an opinion we can validate its source, intention and benefits and we can always learn from experiences.

Books are one of the places you find facts; ideas and information that can help you become creative.


I use to see playing Games as a waste of time. PES, Puzzle, Candy Crush etc. These are games I enjoyed playing. But I stop playing them, I started seeing them as a waste of time, I started spending most of my time reading. It was also by reading that I found out that games are of a great help to the human body, soul and mind.

We live by what we know, what we don’t know becomes our limitations. Because I don’t know the benefit of games to me, I was seeing playing it as a waste time. This is also how we miss opportunities every day because we don’t know about it or how it can help us. We will always make decisions based on what we know, what we feel is possible for us. Then what we don’t know becomes impossible and unachievable. Two things are responsible for a man state in life, knowledge and action.

Some studies believe games play an important role in maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul, which help keep diseases away. It also helps in building strong emotions, thinking, creative thinking, decision making and also teaches an important approach to failure.

Emotion, creative thinking, decision making and more others are the basic skills need to participate in any game and also in the game of life. We might have an average of all these, but when we used them continuously they tend to develop at a higher level, size and capacity. That is why that guy that always work out in the gym will always have a fat muscle and also the blacksmith that plays with the hammer day in day out. And that is why continuous practice will always yield a result.

Games can help you be more creative.


I saw a movie some months ago, after leaving the theatre my perception of movies changed, I now love movies. It was a comic movie. Everybody coming out from the theatre was laughing and talking about some scene in the movie.

It was different for me, I was thinking.

The name of the movie is Jumanji. Four people somehow transferred from a real world to a game world. There only option going back to the real world is to win the task by the game master. They had extra limited life’s, special ability and challenges to face. I don’t know if the people who saw the movie with me learnt anything or they were just amused by some of the funny acts displayed by the actors and actress.

The movie thought me something on creativity, time management, teamwork, sacrifice and the need to focus on my abilities. I don’t have to be that or that; I just have to be me.

People always make fun of me that I don’t know how to dance, but seriously I don’t need to know how to dance, if I can’t and it’s not necessary, then I’m letting it be.

Most importantly, the movie forced me to think, think in a special way. And if you can think in a special way, believe me, you are creative.


Music is a food for the soul. Have you ever wonder why you can’t stand a nice beat, like a beat that is pleasant to your ear? You will always find a way to respond to it, either by nodding your head or doing some leg movement. I don’t know why too.

Choice of music is different for everyone; any song that pleases your soul will always prompt you to think. When you play a love song it will always force you to think about someone you love if there’s one. Another kind of music can make some kind of people to release some smokes in the air. Why another kind can take some people into a certain realm of spirituality.

Anything that forces you to think, to imagine can make you creative.

I believe books, games, movies, music and whatever out there that can force you to think, can make you creative.

It doesn’t have to be all; it can be just books, or movies or whatever.

See you at the top.