Unbreakable New Year Resolutions and Goals.

How are you keeping on with your new year decisions?

We are few days passed middle of February. According to experts about 90% of people dump their New Year resolutions and goals to return to their formal ways of life by this time of the year. Personally, I don’t need any experts to prove to me that this is truth, because I was among the 90 percent they are actually talking about. Middle of February is even far too much for me, just two weeks into January am already doing what I have decided not to do and stop doing what decided to do. You can see why am not yet a million dollars rich.

I know it’s the same for many people.

By December 31st of every year, we will get so motivated and so determined to make changes. But seriously I didn’t know why it has to be by that time of the year that we have to make changes in our life, changes of things that haven’t been working for us for every long time, decisions to do new things. It shouldn’t be, what is it with that time of the year?

This year was different for me, I have got the idea that for me to become a better a writer or a better blogger, or a better whatever, I must be committed and I must persist. Unlike other years, this year I wrote my goals down and I kept it beside my bed, but other years I will just think of what I hope to do or achieve and recite it to myself at the beginning of the year and forget about it after two weeks, life goes on. But this time around I wrote it down and I put it where I can see it every day for about four weeks then I put it away, every morning I will read it allowing it to sink into my head, I can probably recite then now of hand, this was actually what I wanted, to have it very clear in my head. After writing it, I sent a copy to my girl friend, because I wanted someone who can keep me accountable. But the truth is we don’t need anybody to keep us accountable in doing things that is important to our future. You have to motivate yourself to the top. If you wait for external validation you might be disappointed.

In my list of goals are walkout I will be doing every day, numbers of books I will read this year, numbers of book I will write this year, amount of money I wish to make this year, numbers of blog post i wish to write this year, numbers of video I wish to make this year and many more.

This is the question that keeps me going with those goals, I wish you can also ask yourself the same questions and probably try to figure out the answers by yourself. These are questions I use to ask myself; what will accomplishing these goals make of me? or what will accomplishing half of these goals make of me? I also try to look at it in this way, what if I accomplish half of my goals this year and set another next year and accomplish it….Running it that way down to five years what will it make of me? What will the compound effect of five years organized deeds and actions make of me?

What I believe to be the answers to these questions is what still keeps me going on those goals, that is what motivates me to keep on with the goals. And that is how I self motivate myself.

You too, you need to find something that will keep you going on your goals, your dreams and aspirations, because that is the only way to the top. Though, It might not really be the only, but it’s surely one of the way to the top.