Don’t Let What You See Online Determine Your Life Offline.

Internet today has made the world so close, so interactive and educating, it has created another world for human called online world, we now possibly live, socialize, do business, study and do some other great stuffs, just like in the real world “offline world”.

Going by the traditional saying, that anything that have advantage also have disadvantage, this online world has its disadvantage, just as dishonest, crime, deceit, other negative attitude and actions alone side good things exist in the offline world, so it’s in the online world.

There are lots of scammers, lots of pretenders, lots of fake profiles, these are reasons why we should be conscious of the influence we take from the online world.

Many times we want to be like that other person in the online world, even when we don’t know or have a clue of what the person is going through, we are convinced just by the pictures we see, the studio shot, office shot and whatever shot we see, the write-up they post.

Even when we haven’t had there real stories, we still want to be like them, we just believed that there world is perfect, just because of the packaged pictures and fake smiles they put out, we want to change our life just to live like other person, even when its not what is important, even when our life is not traveling on the same road, even when our purpose is different, we still want to live like other people.

We forget many don’t come out original..

We forget that many don’t have purpose, reasons or clear intentions..

We forget that many don’t own the cloth, the shoes and whatever they put on.

Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this,.. these are one of those days when after writing I feel unmotivated to hit the publish button, because I sound too serious and too perfect, but I publish it anyway, these are one of the tough days in what I do, in writing.

But my intention is not to criticize or discourage anyone from pick out style online to style that next outing, or dropping that glamorous look online, or hitting the studio for that next shot, am thinking of shooting one now or doing whatever… the takeaway here is don’t let the things you see in the online world determine your life in the offline, live because you want to live, not because someone out there lived.