Rechanneling your passion.

rechanneling your passion

It takes time to undo any habit. It takes most time forever to break a habit. Even when you read all these self help books, articles and posts nothing seem to happen.

Many of them works like an alcohol, when you read them, you become intoxicated with excitement like you have found the solution to your problems and after some hours, or days, when the whole alcohol has fade out, you will be like, it’s hard to keep up with that instructions, or rules, or steps.

It’s almost same for everyone.

We are just like that, I don’t know why.

I don’t discredit the self helpers, many times there guidelines always work out for those who follow through. Then it all boils down to following through.

I have bad habit. Many I will be embarrassed to let you know about it. Many I wish to change, many I try to change and few I have changed.

Maybe am not following through on the self helps, but I believe every habit is breakable especially bad once. I also believe that just as bad habit can lead to destructions; good once can lead to an amazing life too. And the best way to break an old habits is to replace them with new once and rechanneling your passion from the old once to the new once, I mean habit.

Lots of things happened before and after the 2008 UEFA champions final between Manchester United and Chelsea FC both from English premier league in England.

In case you don’t know, I love the game of football.

Before the game there was lots of hyping about the match. I think, it was the first time Chelsea FC could play in the final of that competition. So their supporters believe that there won’t be any reason for them to lose and beside the team were in a strong form.

In a city like Lagos in Nigeria where about 80% of the residents are football lover, it was a different case entirely. There was lots of anticipation, expectations, argument, staking and more.

Many millionaires had their houses painted with the color of their team, many bought a cow or Goats and painted it to the color of their team and staked them in a bet. Many stake their houses and many more other stuffs.

By the end of the match, Chelsea FC lost to Manchester United on penalties shoot out. The lost also created, this time sad headlines. There was a report that somewhere in Lagos a Chelsea FC fan jumped into lagoon and got drowned and died. And few other suicide cases were reported too. Many lost their properties, many was hospitalized do to fights and injuries obtained while celebrating.

These are all because of the passion they have, we have for the game.

I am a football lover too; I love to watch my team. I have that sort of passion for the game, but not like the guy that jumped into lagoon.

I love my life.

But I’m like the one that can argue and get angry at myself and everyone around me when my team loses. And I can skip a meal if my team loses a game and two meals if they lose two games.

I will probably stop watching them for a while if they lose three in a row. I think am a good fan.

But for the past few months, I barely watch them. Though, am still connected to fan pages, I still get updates on happenings. But generally I think my passion for football and my team is leaking out. Because before now, I barely miss my team play during the weekend. Maybe it’s leaking out to other important things. Other habits am trying to build like writing, helping myself through helping people.

But I wish I can develop the kind of passion (the guy who jumped into lagoon because his team lost) have, I wish I can develop that sort of passion for writing, or for helping people. Like, if I can’t find a way to break through writing blocks, if I can write stuffs or help people or solve problems or make people think different, if I can’t do any of these things, I just go striaght and jump into a lagoon or river or canal or whatever.

But then it won’t make any meaning, it won’t add up. Killing myself because I failed or my team failed, it doesn’t add up. The guy is dead, but the team is still on.

But here is the thing, we allocate a lot of time, energy, attention and passion to things that doesn’t contribute to our overall purpose or wish or dreams. Many times they are things that are just for fun. If maybe some portion or maybe all of those time, energy, attention and passion are rechanneled to new habits like learning new skills, writing, helping people, solving problems and many more other stuffs, we will probably be more productive.

We will probably be more than we could think of.