Just Do It.

Just do it, do the stuff you are scared to do, do the things people say you can’ t do.

If you wait for external validation, you might wait for ever, if you wait for people to validate your actions before you feel happy about yourself, you might be disappointed, all you need is internal validation, internal believe.

Believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

The Act of Always Showing Up.

Show up

How important is it to always show up?

Well very important I think, that was how you learned to walk.

That was how you learned to talk.

That was how you learned to read.

That is how you earn or will earn a degree.

That is also how you earn or will earn a pay check, by showing up almost everyday until the end of the month.

And whatever other ways you have been showing up to…

Earlier today I walked into a bus-station to get a bus ticket for someone. I came across a bookstore, I walked in actually not with the intention to buy books, but to glance at the books on the shelves, then I started wishing I could see a book on the shelves with my picture or my name on it.

But then some questions came popping in my head, how did this people get to write this? How where they able to write such a high volume books? how did they do it? I wish they will share their writing methodology or rituals with me! I wish they will.

On the other side, I also thought i may not really need their methodology or whatever, their way may not work for me, for so many reasons. Maybe I just need to find my own way, my own way of writing and doing things, because the HOW TO’s don’t always work for everybody…maybe you too, maybe you too need to find your own ways of doing things.

But whatever it’s, no one will write a book without always showing up, no-one will accomplish something meaningful without always showing up.

Either showing up for training, at the library, at the office, on social media, on the blog or whatever.

Maybe it’s for your fan, your family, your relationship or maybe for the entire world or whatever.

To me it’s important to always show up, I don’t know about you.. and I have decided to show up everyday in my blog, maybe this will be my own methodology or rituals of writing, and actually writing a book or whatever.

Whatever it’s am sticking to it, go find your own and stick to it too, so that we can succeed together.

What Personal Development Is and What It Is Not.

Personal Development is one of the topics always discussed in seminars intended for people who want more than they already have in life, in a positive way.

Most of us don’t understand what it really means and the process involved, personal development is not just all about increasing your financial capacity, administrative position, physical body or knowledge and skills, all these are very essential features and abilities that  are necessary and can help in the process, but if they are not inclined to your divine purpose it hasn’t made meaning yet.

So what is it all about;

Personal Development starts with the discovery of greater purpose in life, that moment you recognize that your weren’t just sent here to do just the basic things you have been doing, that moment you recognize that you were sent here to find a purpose, you weren’t given a purpose, God might have ordained it but you have to find it. So when you get that feeling,  just know that your journey of discovering a greater you had begun.

Where do you start:

To get more meaning out of everything in life, you have to start by knowing your own physical body, there abilities, capacities, processes and functions. if you don’t understand the capacity and ability of your memory you will think that the amount of information is capable of contain is the amount already stored in it, you might not know that every human don’t use about 50% of there memory before death.

Psychologists believe that the human memory is capable of expanding in capacity to something closer to around 2.5 petabytes or a million gigabytes.

You might not appreciate the ability you have as human to do your own thinking unlike order animals that operate by genetic codes, you will just neglect the power you have to change your awful past life.

If you don’t understand the process that brings about your vocal sound, you will not know how important your words are. Note, you don’t have to be Medical personnel or biologist to study your own physical structure, all it requires is to decide to know how each of every of your body react to a circumstance and what processes does it go through to produce an action or emotion. When you go into these studies you will get more wisdom on how to use your natural physical body wisely.

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If you have made sense of the above written words, It’s time to know what areas are to be developed.

First is your mind, your mind has to be filled with the right content, so that it will be able to make good decisions.

Secondly your knowledge and skills, if your knowledge is limited to your environment you won’t understand other people’s actions and reasons.

Next is your physical body, what ever your purpose is, you need to be fit to chase it, you need to be healthy.

Fourth financial capacity, my opinion here is that first find your purpose pursue it with definite of purpose surely the resources will come, including wealth and joy of doing what you love.

Tell me what you think personal development is all about in the comment box.