The Joy of Doing The Right Thing.

It really takes a lot of guts or humility to do the right thing.

Sometimes it’s embarrassing, sometimes it’s inspiring and many times it’s difficult,.. it’s difficult many times because your reputation and integrity are at stake.

But nothing can take away the joy I felt this day, probably because I did the right thing.

I had an experience on this date 29/9/2017, it was an argument with a lady… it was all about procedure in management activities, it was all about how things should be done and not be done, the details doesn’t really matter, but the issue was that we argued, the lady said I was disrespectful and arrogant, maybe she was right or maybe I was just defending my office, i really thought about those words they didn’t sound good to me.

But I felt relieved when my boss came, inquired from the lady and indirectly stated that my actions was right, I was happy, that shows that the lady was wrong by tagging me arrogant.

With my shoulder raised high I left to my office, but that look.. that look in her face says it all… to her am a bad person, she really has reasons to believe that am arrogant and disrespectful.

I left the scene, the lady was still there, she was busy with something, what it’s that she is busy with don’t really matter here, but I left the scene, my mind never left the scene, the battle line was drawn in my mind.

… Emma you need to go to that lady and apologise.

… What for? did you wrong her?

… you just need to apologise to her, the look on her face shows that she sees you as a bad person.

… does it really matter, there are about 7 billion people on earth why will the opinion of one person count.

… it doesn’t take away anything from you to just say am sorry, even though you are right, even though she ignores you, just go and say it to her, just this two simple word AM SORRY.

… why will you have to say sorry when your boss even confirmed that your are right by your actions.

The battle went on..

As you can observe its the battle of positive and negative, peace and disruption, humility and Egotism.

But the first won, Positive, peace and humility won. I don’t know why the first has to win, in a scale of equity the latter has opportunity to win, but the former won, maybe because I have decided to dwell more on the positive side of life or maybe that was the right thing to do, but whatever it’s, am glad the first won, am glad positivity, peace and humility won, am glad I want to her to apologise.

Here is the best part of the story for me, I went to the lady and I said to her AM SORRY in any way you felt disrespected, I was just doing my job,… and she replied, oh it’s ok, am sorry too… she went on to explain her stand but this time in a polite mood and after that see offered me a side hug, the joy I had because of the peace I felt in my mind is something I can never give in exchange with anything, it’s an experience I will never forget. I was really glad I did the right thing.

We where really glad that we settled our differences, I can see it in her face, me especially I was very happy.

The most important aspect of the story for me was that she gifted me, not only did she buy me a drink, she inspired me to write this article, not just this article but to think deep in the aspect of doing the right thing.

I know situations will never be the same, maybe my case is quite easier to approach, but there is always an opportunity to do the right thing in every situation.

Many times it requires humility and sometimes it requires positive mind set. Whatever way it’s, all I know is that it’s better to do the right thing, in the right way and at the right time.