Right Questions, Right Answers

Why are my not getting the best out of life? That can be a life-transforming question that is if you get an honest and sincere answer to it.

I will always ask Google, how to become rich. Certainly, there are always answers, but the question is how helpful are the answers. Right questions bring about right answers.

The world is in an autopilot mode to providing answers to questions. There is even a passage in the bible that state it clearly, it says “ask and you shall be given” an honest statement. But that is a verse we like to quote when we want to reap from where we do not sow.

About a year ago, I asked Google how to become rich blogging, I got thousands of pop out begging for me to click on them. I got answers to my questions, but the question is, are they the right answers or rather did I ask the right questions. Wrong questions bring about wrong answers.

The quality of our life depends on the quality of the questions we ask.

The question, how to be like Usain Bolt? will get you answers relating to the kind of training done by Usain Bolt, or the gallery of his awards. This won’t help you, you can’t be Usain Bolt just as you can’t be anyone easy except yourself, I have been making this mistake all my life, trying to be that person. Here are what you can actually ask, what does it take to become a great athletics? or what it takes to complete a 50-meter race when you are successful at 50, you go for 100, then 200, then you can ask what it takes to come first in a 6 man 100m race, then 200, then you can ask what it takes to break the world record. Good questions bring about good answers or rather workable answers.

There are always required actions to achieving anything great, asking about what it takes, might really be the right kind of question. Because that is all you need to know, when you know what it takes, you can probably create your own blueprint, success blueprint.

Success blueprint which will become your success story.