The Wrong, Best and Honourable Way to Live Life.

If you think that the world will stop to exist when you are gone, you are not just being real to yourself\. Maybe you are living in an illusion, even your close relatives or your friends will only mourn you for awhile and they will go about living there life and probably remember you once in a year or awhile.

Nobody really cares about you. If you stop posting in social media nobody cares to know if you are ok or why you stop posting. They are probably just busy living their life. There’s no need to get angry about it, that is how life is.

The wrong way to live life is to live it because of people’s opinion. To allow what people think, what they will say determine what you want and how you want to live.

The best way to live life is to live for yourself, to chase your dream, to do what makes you happy because at the end happiness is the purpose of every of our endeavour in life.

And the honorable way to live life is to live for others. Share kindness, share love and share value, this can be the only way you will be remembered for ever. The world still remembers this great people, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jnr, Thomas Edison, Mother Theresa etc.

They are still remember because they lived an honorable life.