The Key to Getting Along in A Secular Community.

How do you cope in a world where everybody looks different, think different, act different and believe in different things. Where everybody believes In different lifestyle, in different religion, in different philosophy about life.

There’s no doubt you are going to work with these people. You are going to do business with them, live with them, plan and do some other stuffs together. You will definitely have to. You can’t afford to live in isolation. Unless you will live so consciously to the extent you stop living. Because it will mean you will not have to take the public transport, or buy a car, or buy some groceries from the market or use the internet and pretty much other stuffs. Because these are the places where you meet people who don’t believe in what you believe, who are not of the same religion with you. Some of the things you might use are also things made by people who are different from you, who believe in different things from what you believe.

In a nutshell, how do we get along?

In an environment where everybody believes, act and think different. In a world where different religion, culture and colors of skin exists. In a secular community RESPECT is the general language. Respect is the key to peace, unity and process. The greatest honour you can do to anyone is to respect his perspective about issues of live. Respect doesn’t mean agreeing with. Respect in this context means tolerate them, being patient with them, listening to there opinions and ideas. And also living in the best ability of your own perspective of your own beliefs. Respect doesn’t have to be spoken, it can be an act or a demonstration.

Also the best way to change peoples perspective to life, is to live so honorablely that that they want to be like you. That they will want to know your beliefs.

We can’t afford to judge people on how they perceive and understand things. There are hundreds of circumstances that can shape someone perspective. And there are 7 billion perspectives in the world. It’s unreasonable to judge 7 billion different perspectives to life with a single perspective. Your perspective.

But in anyway we want to look at the world, putting the well being of humanity is important. Because it’s obvious we are all here for that purpose, for humanity. And respect and kindness is the key to achieving that.