Tomorrow Has Its Own Worries, Start Today.

When I have a million dollar I will start doing what I love, I will start helping people, I will start contributing to my society, I will start being charitable, when am 20 or 30 I will start my own business. When I read all the books I will start sharing the wisdom I got from them. When I perfect my written and spoken English I will start writing and publishing in my blog. When I have learnt about video making I will start making videos to publish on YouTube.

That was me always putting out what ought to be done today till tomorrow.

The truth is, it’s same to almost everyone. We always like to find excuses to put away today activities till tomorrow.

Tomorrow already has lots of it own worries, why add to it? I asked myself.

Anything you are not able to do today, you won’t be able to do it tomorrow either.

If you wait until you have a million dollar before doing what you love, you may not really have the chance. A million dollar can come with a million issues that will need your 1440 minutes every day. And by that you will be left with no time to doing what you love.

Another thing is, no matter how ready and prepared you are you will never start anything perfect. From when we are born to when die we will always start new things imperfect sometimes badly, but the magic is we can always learn to be perfect in the process.

The idea is to start as bad as you can today, continue tomorrow on it, learn and grow in the process.

Leaving activities meant for today to tomorrow will be the simplest way to delay success.

Starting on the Rough Side

If you can walk now that things are hard, now that things look so rough. It simply mean that when things get better, when things become good you will probably run, or fly.

When you start from the rough side, when you get to the smooth side the journey becomes easier.

The idea is start the walking now.  Run if you can, fly if you are willing. You don’t really have to wait till everything looks good before you start.