What Happens to You When You Learn New Things?

Learning new things

This might seem like a kind of weird question. It’s actually weird, because it’s difficult to observe the change that goes on inside us, in our brain when we learn new things.

But I’m more concerned about the feelings, because that is what I always take time to analyze.

Experts have said something about a process that always occur when we learn new things, like some part of our brain releasing endorphins that makes us feel happy and whatever.

But many times that is not what my case is.

Whenever I learn something new my happiness comes from knowing that am among the 10% (if the number is not even lesser) of the entire 7 billion plus.. people in the world who tries to improve their self every day. Maybe it’s the endorphin that is released from my brain that is engineering the whole thinking. But that is what fascinates me most.

Like majority of people I have been hearing about stock market, bonds, and mutual fund. Until few days ago, I never knew what they in details meant. First I see them to be something difficult to understand. I never paid attention to it, I always do anyway but not to the extent of knowing more about it.

Secondly, I have always thought that it’s something that won’t be necessary for me. The second reason still keeps me thinking till tomorrow; “imagine, I want to be an investor and I don’t know a bit about stocks, bond and more of others, and I still think it was not necessary to know about them “.

I seem to forget that to become something you have to know what you want to be. (The last paragraph is a take away and maybe the subsequent once) And to enjoy any Game you have to know the rules of the game. And to get involved in the game, you have to master the rules. As it’s to game, so it’s to life.

Few days ago I came across a video about bonds, I was surprise how the terminologies and the basic concept where easy to understandable. The next day I took interest to dig dip on more related topics, and I’m amazed by the knowledge I have about these things.

Then that thought started popping up, and I love it when it pops. Thought like, how many people on earth who wants to become an investor but don’t know about stock, bonds and more others.

How many people try to learn new thing after leaving school, probably 10% of the entire population. Knowing that I’m among the population in the world who tries to improve them self makes me happy about learning new things.

This same kind of thought also pops up when I’m reading a book, learning a skill, doing something new. The thought of being among the best and the feeling of achievement are always there to hold my shoulder up.

You might also want to enjoy this kind of thought or feelings by doing something positive you know many people don’t feel like doing and see how superior you will look to them.

It doesn’t take a lot of time; it only took me 25 minutes out of my 1,440 minutes that I have a day to learn the basics on bonds, stocks, mutual fund and more. And everyone has the same time measure.