Not The HOW, But WHAT IT TAKES to Achieve Success.

Success story

Success story

In the world where success is the most respected and demanded commodity, but limited in accessibility, we all strive to know the best possible and EASY way to have our own share of it, that includes reading the stories of people who have achieved what we are looking for.

Reading or listening to success story can be very helpful, depending on the motives and reasons.

Many has testified how an individual story helped change their life, gave them the right thinking pattern, more ideas, clarity to understand facts and make good decisions which brought about a good proportion of success to them. Actually that is what success story is supposed to do for us.

But despite that, many have also read and listen to thousands of success stories, even thousands of get rich quick tips (just like me) but still nothing to show for it. Not that the stories they read or listened to don’t have a message or idea in it. I believe every story has wisdoms to learn from and great ideas to work on.

I have come to the realization that the problem of not doing better, even after series of inspiring success and motivating stories is that we look for wrong information or ideas in stories.

Am not try to strike a perfection on my side or sound like am there now, but my intention is to draw attention to an important facts I feel can help us think and rethink today and look out for, in every story and probably situation the right information or ideas that will help us make better decisions today that will create a better future for us.

Talking about success stories, the main clue in success stories is not on the how, it’s on the WHAT IT TAKES.

Recently a lot has being said both as jokes on how someone could just earn $300million in just a single stage fight, that is in the case of Flodymayweather vs McGregor fight.

But no much attention to how he got to that point, the fact that he was once poor wasn’t or less considered, Many don’t or didn’t care to know or remember that there are moments in his life when snow fail prevents people from going out to their different activities, but he still finds a way to hitting the Gym regardless of the (obstacles) Snow fails.

He once said “When I was about eight or nine, I lived in New Jersey with my mother and we were seven deep in one bedroom and sometimes we didn’t have electricity. When people see what I have now, they have no idea of where I came from and how I didn’t have anything growing up.”

Then, he doesn’t have the success but he was doing WHAT IT TAKES to attract it, and we can see for our self the outcome.

Every success stories has in it WHAT IT TAKES and HOW to be success, but the fact is that the HOWs in every success story are already used, the only thing left in success story is WHAT IT TAKES. For the fact that we all can’t have the same story, simply state it that we can’t have the same process to achieving anything.

Rather than looking out for how a person achieved his/her success, it will be reasonable if we concentrate on What it takes in any success story, the abilities, skills, knowledge, motives it takes to achieve success.