It’s ok to Lose Your Mind.


There are lots of reasons that can make us angry or make us lose our mind. Like when someone told you he or she loves you and it happens to be a lie.

Or probably your kids lost your car key.

Or the government policies started becoming unfavorable.

Or sells went low.

Or the stock market crashed.

Or someone you trusted disappointed you.

The list can count on.

When all this things happen, it’s ok to lose your mind. But there is a better way to lose the mind that is to lose it peacefully.

Everyone needs a place to lose his or her mind peacefully. But then I don’t know what will work for you.

You just need to find what works for you; you just need to find your own place. It maybe meditation, maybe it’s taken a nap, or having a drink, or taking a drive or probably writing.

There must be a place you can think out loud, talk out loud, or laugh out loud or pour out the feeling the anger and then regain peacefulness within yourself.

This days, writing has been my place, when am forced to Lose my mind, I simply lose it in my notepad. I write my anger, I write my lessons. I loosen my mind with words, I also tighten it back with words then I move on, strong and peaceful

It’s actually good to lose your mind, but then we all need a place to lose it peacefully. You just have to find a place that will work best for you.