Be Your Unique Self.



It’s an inherited trait in human to always seek for the best in every situations. We all want the compliment, admiration and validation.

It encourages us, it proves to us that our efforts, skills and time are not wasted rather are observed, respected and rewarded.

But it’s obvious that environment, situations and classes are not always the same.

We all came from different geographical location, culture, religion belief, even with different mentality and economic class.

Some are born with golden spoon, while some are born without a silver spoon (I remember reading this literature in my primary days in school).

But regardless of all these, we all have one thing in common which is, to seek for the best in every situation either in look, style, voice, walk, talk, business, skills, ability, creativity and all attainment in life.

We always want the best in every situation we get involved in.

For some, In other to always achieve the best, they imitate.

They try to shape themselves to the general acceptable picture (the picture which everyone will love to see) which is validated by someone, based on achievement or position the person has attended in life.

These people we imitate, we tag them our mentors or role model.

But this act has actually made many to fail in realizing that every individual is unique and should have his or her own unique way or style of doing things.

No intention of despising mentors and role models here.

Almost (if not all) all great people that has lived and still living has and have mentor(s), the twelve disciples as in the bible has Jesus as their mentor.

Surely I do have my mentors.

Mentors are like GPS in modern world that direct us through to the destination we have in mind of reaching, they don’t do the walks for us, they show us the way.

What ever hight they attend or quality they possess that made you admire then might have been done in their own unique way.

Learn from them don’t imitate them.

When we imitate people we compete for attentions, admiration and validations with the person we are imitating, definitely they will always have the highest share, because it’s their style, they know the rules more than we do.

Meanwhile, that will limit our attainment in life and in other aspect of life.

All great people are unique, they have a style they created for themselves.

In the world of soccer Ronaldo and Messi both seen in the current moment as the best in the world of soccer, have their own style so is other great footballers, their style is what makes them great they might have gotten or learnt some ideas and skills from a mentor but their unique style makes then stand out.

So it’s in the business world, every body in business has its own unique way of selling its product, service and concluding on deals. It might not be the perfect way but those that do it well with passion and knowledge are in the top in hierarchy.

Nothing can take the place of your uniqueness. The world want to see your style they are waiting in anticipation, most people are tired of seeing the same old style. They want a different way of doing things, show the world your own unique style in your endeavours.

Do things in the way you are comfortable with, don’t do things in someone owns way, don’t imitate, don’t mind the crowd, few may criticize but have in mind that many want your uniqueness, that style of yours.

Be unique in your look, style, voice, walk, talk, business activities, skills, ability, creativity and all endeavours in life.

As I write this article, I am myself this is my style of communicating my opinion, my ideas and my thoughts, So I urge you to be the special person you are.

Remember if you can imagine it, you can do it.